UN Peacekeepers sexual abuse Haitian women and Minors

There is a famous quote by Christopher Marlowe that goes like that: " Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position". In the case of the UN Peacekeepers in Haiti, money can in fact buy love. A report just released found that several members of a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti have been engaged in "transactional sex" with more than 225 Haitian women for just basic needs.


These U.N. peacekeepers have exchanged food, care items, medication, household items for a moment of good time. The have been able to convince some urban as well as rural Haitian women on their offers. Urban women have been rewarded with tings such as money, cell phones, laptop and perfume; while rural women receive food, medication, and items for the house.

The report also found that about a third of the alleged sexual abuse involves minor children under the ages of 18 and rape.

The organization says that they have a hotline to report any abuse by their members; however, these acts that are considered as sexual exploitation and abuse based on the United Nations policy are often left unreported. Some of the women would take the law into their own hands by withholding the badges of peacekeepers or make their affair public

What do who think is guilty? the hungry Haitian woman or the U.N. peacekeepers?

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Arold Dera says...

As a diaspora who goes to Haiti often, I can tell you that these ladies are out there and they are constantly asking for money.

I have seen them with the MINUSTAH troop currently in Haiti.

You don't have to make any propositions with these women.

They will. These women will take anything from you and are willing to sell themselves for nothing.

Before we start complaining about the behaviors of the peacekeepers, let start working on our

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Jose Elias says...

How can the members of the MINUSTAH be guilty of anything.

They are just boys and the women are usually the ones who would come and wanting some favors from them. This is the reality of life. There is nothing for nothing.

if they want something from these U.N. peacekeepers, they should also be willing to give something in

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Subject: UN Peacekeepers sexual abuse Haitian women and Minors edit

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