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Dany Toussaint, short biography

Former Haitian Police Chief, Army major and bodyguard Dany Toussaint is also a former Senator and leader of the Haitian Democratic and Reformist Movement Party. Mr. Dany Toussaint was a body guard of former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Involvement In Jean Dominique case:
Dany Toussaint was named as a suspect in the 2000 murder of a radio journalist, Jean Dominique. In 2003, Former Government Commissioner Claudy Gassant made new when he requested the immunity of Senator Dany Toussaint be lifted in regard to the assassination. This request Judge Claudy Gassant to remove his immunity was nor honored by the Haitian Senate.

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A $250 million claim to MINUSTAH on behalf of Haitian cholera victims

Forgiveness does not cure illness. At least this is what a group of Haitians believes when it comes to holding UN Peacekeeping force MINUSTAH accountable. The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) submitted so far a total of 5,000 claims to the to U.N. for damages totaling at least $250m on behalf of Haitian cholera victims.

Hey MINUSTAH, Padon Pa geri maleng tande!

This organization believes that if it can happen in other countries, why not in Haiti

This is serious business. If the Boston-based advocacy group, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), ever collect this money that would help these Haitian families and their communities quite a lot. I am looking at more investmentment in prevention, and overall quality of the healthcare in those remote areas of Haiti.

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Death threat by MINUSTAH to friend who disclosed Rape Video

We have a video of the interview between reporter Guyer Delva and friends of the rape victim. This is a voice report only. Five Uruguayan peacekeepers in Haiti sexually molested an 18-year-old man in an attack reportedly captured by a cellphone camera.

In the original report, you can see several men laughing as they pin down a young man on a mattress. It seems to me that MINUSTAH has not been positive all positive in their involvement in Haiti. They are at the root of the cholera outbreak as it was confirmed that a unit of peacekeepers from Nepal was responsible for the epidemic that killed more than 6,200 people and sickened more than 438,000.

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OAS not happy with Ricardo Seitenfus for criticizing MINUSTAH role in Haiti

Ricardo Seitenfus, the OAS representative for Haiti, was removed from his position for unflattering statement made about the role of MINUSTAH in Haiti. In an Interview with Le Temps newspaper, Ricardo Seitenfus said that the arrival of MINUSTAH in Haiti did not accomplish great things to the population. Mr. Seitenfus went on to say that: "When the level of unemployment is 80 per cent, it is unbearable to deploy a stabilization mission. There is nothing to stabilize and everything to build."

Ricardo Seitenfus commented that the presence of MINUSTAH in Haiti made things worst instead of better. He also said that " [They] want to turn Haiti into a capitalist country, an export platform for U.S. market, it's absurd."

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Protesters demonstrating against Haiti Election 2010

This an example of how the streets of the Capital, Port-au-Prince, has been the center of violence, following the 2010 Haiti Election. People took to the streets to protest the way in which the election was conducted and also are demanding that it is cancelled.

Many people took the opportunity also to commit acts of violence and vandalism on private properties. We witnessed many cars were broken into, Stores set on fire, and public properties destroyed.

In Champ de Mars, thousand of people demonstrated and marched to the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince to demand annulment of the Presidential election. The protesters were confronted by the Unites Nation force MINUSTAH who had to use gas and other methods in order to control the crowd.

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In general everything goes well, Edmond Mulet following Haiti election

I do not know where the Director of the Stabilization Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, gets his information.

Following the 2010 Haiti election, Mr. Edmond Mulet said: " "in general everything goes well, all is quiet. There are minor incidents in Desdunes (north of the country) but there is no reason to fear because it is a party election."

Was he looking at the same thing we were looking at? Please, can someone tell me?

Is Mulet referring to the election in Haiti that took place on November 28?

Was he listening to the news media that were covering all the problems I heart about on the day of the election?

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Violence in Haiti streets as Election day approaches

Haiti Presidential Election Ballot

This is a video report from Al Jazeera showing the level of violence in Haiti as election day approaches.

As you can see in the video, anger directed toward the political party Unite and Jude Celestin is rising. Election fever is becoming election fury as supporters of some of the political parties are destroying banners, posters or anything the opponent put out in the streets of Haiti.

Many people in Haiti will likely be intimidate to take to the streets on Sunday to cast their ballot. The U.N pledged full security and logistical support to ensure security on Sunday. Mr. Mulet, head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti, known as MINUSTAH has nearly 12,000 military and police personnel deployed around Haiti.

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