Mirlande Manigat expressed indignation and disgust at election

Manigat Declares Parliamentary Elections not True Will of People


National Rally of Progressive Democrats' (RDNP) Secretary General, Mirlande Manigat, issued a public statement, lambasting Martelly's government and its Provisional Electoral Council (PEC) for shameful behavior in conducting the 2015 Parliamentary elections. She wanted Haiti to understand PEC had few ethical members, who were performing their duties properly preparing for elections.

Mirlande cited ". . . incompetence . . . lack of professionalism and . . . a lightness . . . (in) dealing (with) . . . candidate files . . ." She was incensed subterfuge used by PEC at the polls was not reflective of the voting public's preferences . She summed up Election Day as ". . . an anti-democratic disaster!"

She wrote about random violence at polls, a tactic used to discourage voters from casting ballots. She continued there were unresolved issues regarding vote counting. She wrote about the strategy of controlling how many people got to cast ballots, so favored parties could get their candidates elected during the first round, thus cancelling second-round voting. This would guarantee selected parties a secure majority in the senate and chamber of deputies.

Manigat expressed disappointment at PEC's lack of impartiality because of ties between them and favored candidates. She ended with a call-to-arms to citizens to show the PEC and Martelly government they will be un-silenced regarding the patent disregard for free, fair, and transparent elections. In another call-to-action she asked for ". . . the resignation of the PEC."

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