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It's Official, it's Jude Celestin and Mirlande Manigat

This is it folks. The two candidates qualified for the runoff election in Haiti are Jude Celestin and Mirlande Manigat. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) just releases this information today.

No more rumors, no more speculations, no more guessing. Jude Celestin will confront Mirlande Manigat in the run-off election which is scheduled to take place on January 16, 2011. We know now for the next five years, Haiti will be governed by either Madame Manigat or Mr. Celestin.

Mirlande Manigat, the presidential candidate for the Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP), was one of the 12 candidates who declared that the 2010 Haiti election should be cancelled because of fraud. However, when she realized that she would likely be among the front runners and would be qualified to participate in the runoff election, she changed her mind.

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Michel Martelly Vs Mirlande Manigat most likely

The Haitian Joudalist just learned that the two candidates likely to participate in the runoff Haiti election are Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat. We were told by a trusted source that partial polling are so far showing the two ahead and that the CEP will likely confirm this tomorrow, which will be November 7, the day scheduled to release the partial results.

Ro Yo Yoy!

Are you ready to have either our mother Mirlande Manigat or the president of Kompa, Michel Martelly, to be President of Haiti?

Will a 70 year old Manigat have the energy to fight someone like Martelly who has a long history of rallying people, whether in Kanaval, festival or Bals. Don't forget that there is a possibility that Martelly, AKA Sweet Micky might join forces with Wyclef Jean, another popular Haitian artist.

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Jude Celestin said he may have lost the election

According to the United Nation, the Preval government will honor the result of the election. Jude Celestin came out of his silence since the end of the election to give a hint that he may have lost and that he will accept the result of the election without any protest.

It seems to me that Jude Celestin is moving further and further away from the picture. If that is the case, then who is in and who is out?

Will there be a runoff on January 16 or will we know the next president of Haiti on December 7 when the CEP will give partial result of the election?

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Latest poll, Candidate Jude Celestin is gaining Ground

A Picture of Candidates Jude Celestin and Mirlande Manigat

The latest poll for Haiti Presidential election showed candidate Jude Celestin is gaining ground.

According to the Miami Herald, Mirlande Manigat is still the front runner, however Jude Celestin is right behind her. The report from Miami Herald gave Mirlande Manigat a lead of 23.2 percent of the likely voters if the election was taking place at this time and for Jude Celestin, 22.5 percent. This latest poll was sponsored by the economic forum.

I do not know what Jude Celestin is doing, but so far he seems to be the most successful candidate in the Haitian election race. With about a Month left for the Haiti election, it seems like the picture is getting more clear that the real fight for the presidency will likely between Jude Celestin and Mirlande Manigat.

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