Moïse Jean-Charles sees himself as the next President of Haiti

The next presidential election in Haiti is expected to bring lot of surprises. For the candidate of Platform of the radical opposition "Pitit Dessalin" this is already a given. Moïse Jean-Charles declared recently that the October 25 presidential will be only a formality because as he sees it, he is already the next president of Haiti.


Candidate Jean-Charles took a look at the competition and say no real challenge to his candidacy. According to Moïse Jean-Charles, "Neither the government of Michel Martelly nor the international community have candidates capable of competing with him".

What are the chances of former Senator Moïse Jean-Charles to become the next president of Haiti?

How would you react to an eventual presidency of Moise jean Charles?

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Cher says...

If they allow this farce of an election to continue then they deserve a President Moise Jean Charles.

Hell he would give them..

too bad the poor natives would remain in the

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Julio De Castro says...

It is true that in my country everything is possible.

However it looks to me that the country is getting at its lowest, poor Haiti.

May God save the first black Repubic of the

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Marc Lafoi says...

I have not seen the candidate equipped to bit him. Depending on the team he has behind him, we are likely to watch the next populous government in Haiti.

The biggest advantage that Moise Jean-Charles has over the other candidates is that he relate to those likely to vote. How many in the middle class or the rich are going to stand in line to do their patriotic acts. Not too many because they feel that this is below them. How many candidates other than Moise Jean-Charles are going to get on a horse to conduct their campaign in the rural as well as major cities in

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Jose Saintvil says...

Moise jean-Charles is definitely a major contender for the presidency of Haiti.

When he said that he doesn't see anyone who could challenge him, this is very true. I really think that Moise jean-Charles is going to have a ball with these people.

Why some considered to be educated, respectful, Moise is going to fight them the way he only knows how. he is going to fight them with his gloves off. Not only Moise Jean Charles fight hard, he is the type who fight with everything he has. He will kick, bite, etc. He has played the Class and the race game. He was the one who referred to Senator Zenith as "An Affranchie".

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