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Nerette and Morne Hercule Rehabilitation Project

The reconstruction and rehabilitation of 16 neighborhoods of Nerette and Morne Hercule are funded by United Nation (UNOPS, ILO, UNDP and OIM). These neighborhoods were severely damaged in the 2010 earthquake. The rehabilitation project is designed to facilitate five thousand families living in six camps to find their new homes. On March 12, 2014, a delegation team of 'Haiti Reconstruction Fund' visited the project area to collect data for publishing an informative journal with every achievement under the program. Two days later, a team of the Interministerial Committee for Territorial Planning (CIAT) under the first National Urban Forum (held between March 10 and 17) visited the two neighborhoods of Nérette and Morne Hercule in an appraisal attempt on the investment made so far.

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Morne Hercule, Haiti

After the January 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, many towns, cities and communities suffered from not just major losses of life and livelihoods, but also places for their inhabitants to live. One such place, greatly devastated, was Morne Hercule.

Located in Haiti's Ouest region, near the towns of Petionville, Peguy Ville and Musseau, Morne Hercule benefited from earthquake relief in the form of rebuilding efforts, from the UN Agency 16/6 Housing Reconstruction Pilot Project. The project aimed to provide 5,000 establishments for those displaced in the event, almost all of whom had taken to living within the 6 tent camps erected for shelter in the area.

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Infrastructure works Nerette and Morne Hercule

On 27 December 2013, President Michel Martelly visited the sites of Nerette and Morne Hercule (Petion-ville). These are the two of the first rehabilitated neighborhoods reconstructed after the devastating earthquake of January 2010, under the 16/6 project.

This government project is supported by the United Nations (UNOPS, UNDP, ILO, and OIM) for rehabilitating and rebuilding 16 neighborhoods that were seriously affected by the 2010 earthquake. The project is designed in a way to facilitate 5,000 families living in six camps to find their new homes. The Haitian President was accompanied by Ms. Jolicoeur Yvanca Brutus, the Mayor of Petion-ville, representatives from UN agencies and officials from the Unit of Housing Construction and of Public Buildings (UCLBP).

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