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FLASH - Travel ban issued to all 9 members of Pierre-Louis Opont CEP and Mosler Georges

Just as Mr. Francois Benoit was delivering the report of the Commission of Verification to the government, the current CEP and the public, Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger was also buzy issuing travel bans. Last night, Mr. Leger issued travel ban to all 9 members of the former CEP of Pierre-Louis Opont CEP and Mosler Georges

The reason is for failure in their mission of verification of the conformity of the process. The infractions included in his travel ban include: fraud and fraud in public writing causing grave prejudices to some of the candidates

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Mosler Georges resigned as Executive Director of the CEP

All of a sudden, and without any explanation, Mr. Mosler George resigned as Executive Director of the Provisional Electoral Council. This is quite a surprise. We have no one willing to comment on this. Mosler George played a key role in the elections of August 8 and October 25, 2015. He did not earn the trust of too many people as he was accused for having some responsibilities regarding the last election.

What do you think?

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