Gangs Carry Out Police Slayings of the Haitian National Police

The Haitian National Police (HNP), a fraught law enforcement agency, has come under fire in the past for human rights abuses, and for providing inadequate protection to cities like Port-au-Prince. The problems that plague the effectiveness of this agency are mainly inadequate funding and the infiltration of former members of the Haitian Army preying on the vulnerabilities of a chaotic and confused force. Allegations of some HNP members being involved in gang activity, in which summary killings take place, adds to the tarnished reputation of the police agency.


Haiti national Police

Yet many police officers of the National Police sacrifice their lives in trying to deal with the violent gang element. Forty officers were slain both on- and off-duty in 2010. One of them, Agent II Luckner Sylvain of the Police Security Unit, who served as a member of Haiti President Michel Martelly's Presidential Security Guard, was gunned down close to his home in Caravelle, Nazon. The killers fled on motorcycles with Sylvain's weapon as a trophy. Another HNP officer, Joel Coffy of the Central Directorate of Judicial Police, was also struck down inside his home in Santo, north of Port-au-Prince.

But the Haiti National Police has brought one gang member to justice. Joseph Arnel, a prominent and influential gang leader, was apprehended and arrested, along with another gang member, Chavannes, south of Port-au-Prince in Bizoton. Arnel runs a crime syndicate headquartered in the Village of God. He and his gang have played a part in the killing of many HNP officers.

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