Prakazrel Samuel Michel, known as Praz

Prakazrel Samuel Michel, also known as Praz, is one of the most celebrated recording artists of a lifetime. He has a Haitian origin where there are many who claim he is pure Haitian while others claim he is American. This is possibly because he has a Haitian origin despite the fact of being born and raised in America.


He is cousin to the famous and all time recording and performing artist Wyclef Jean. He is one the members to the music group the Fugees which is one of the oldest singing groups that over the years has gained popularity across all the regions of the world. Praz was born in Brooklyn in New York where he cultivated his interest in music.

Prakazrel Samuel Michel was only 15 years old when he introduced Lauryn Hill to Wyclef jean and the three of them under the guidance of the kool and the gang's producer Ronald Khalis Bell they started doing a few rehearsals here and there. They after some time formed the musical group The Rap Translators in 1989 which started recording and releasing songs and music which eventually made them popular.

1994 as the group was still making their first album under the supervision of the producer Ronald Praz attended Rutgers College and Yale University. He did a double major in both philosophy and psychology. It was not until 1996 when the group achieved historic acknowledgement from all over the world with their album which went multi-platinum. It gained popularity from all over the world and as such the group became known all over the world.

Prakazrel Samuel Michel (Praz) has gone and done solo recordings where he has excelled as much. He is however known to have been recorded in radio to a local Haiti station that he would personally assassinate the president of the country Jean Bertrand Astride. This was in connection with one of the many Haiti problems in leadership.

Prakazrel Samuel Michel, Praz, , musician, producer, Haitian
Prakazrel Samuel Michel or Praz is a widely known Haitian musician and producer and member of The Fugees.

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