Kita Nago a Dream of Unity realized by the Mass

Kita Nago, a weighty piece of oiled cedarwood timber with a cedar flagstaff drilled into its center, flies the Haitian national flag. The symbolic art piece represents the hopes of Haitians for a unified Haiti in its reconstruction efforts after 2010's earthquake. Haitian Harry Nicholas began the annual event, in which Kita Nago, hoisted on the shoulders of young men, makes the journey from its resting place in Port-au-Prince to Ouanaminthe in the far north. It is then shown for all to see.


When the journey of Kita Nago begins, it lies before Nèg Mawon in Port-au-Prince. Lifted and born along on a 700-kilometer marathon walk, it begins in southwest Les Irois and ends in northeast Ouanaminthe. The official start of the event kicks off in Port-au-Prince with a ceremony in which President Martelly, First Lady Sophia, and Prime Minister Lamothe participate. Afterwards, the huge polished timber lies at rest before Nèg Mawon, for residents and pilgrims from elsewhere in Haiti to pay homage.

This year high elation followed the appearance of Kita Nago, an unprecedented reaction from years past. Many approached and bestowed kisses and took photographs. After a nearly two-day stay, the Presidential party bade farewell to Kita Nago as the 700-kilometer procession began.

The yearly journey of Kita Nago from the southwest to the northeast corners of Haiti has gained more national importance. It is emblematic of the island's unity of spirit, purpose, and perseverance in rebuilding the country and its people's hopes and aspirations.

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