Haitian Society

This addresses the issues in the Haitian societyr related to Race, social classes, role of the Haitian man and woman

The Role of Women in Haitian Society

Haiti is a country struggling economically, politically, and socially. As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, it has repeatedly been on the failed states index. To improve its standing among nations of the world, it must operate a stable and organized government, strengthen its infrastructure, and accord women equal and fair treatment in every aspect of their lives.

Women in Haiti are marginalized by their gender, considered inferior by males at every level of society. The brainwashing of women begins in childhood. Small girls quickly learn they are not valued, experiencing incest and watching their mothers being harassed and beaten.

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Origins of Saint Valentine's Day

Saint Valentine's Day, celebrated as the Feast of Saint Valentine, is based on Christian lore. One version of the Valentine myth has been attributed to the Roman Empire's rejection and execution of Valentine of Rome, a Catholic priest. The recounting has Saint Valentine brought before Emperor Claudius II of Rome. Claudius, originally skeptical, grew to like him. Not wishing his death any longer, Claudius tried to persuade Valentine to become a pagan. Valentine responded by trying to talk Claudius into becoming a Christian. He did not succeed and was executed.

Before he died, Valentine restored the sight of his jailer's daughter. This led to a mass conversion of the daughter's large family, including family servants. On the eve of Valentine's execution, he had delivered to the daughter a card signed "Your Valentine". The gesture caught the public's imaginations, which have passed down the story one generation to the next. The complimentary close, "Your Valentine", turned into the commercial message, "From Your Valentine".

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Kita Nago a Dream of Unity realized by the Mass

Kita Nago, a weighty piece of oiled cedarwood timber with a cedar flagstaff drilled into its center, flies the Haitian national flag. The symbolic art piece represents the hopes of Haitians for a unified Haiti in its reconstruction efforts after 2010's earthquake. Haitian Harry Nicholas began the annual event, in which Kita Nago, hoisted on the shoulders of young men, makes the journey from its resting place in Port-au-Prince to Ouanaminthe in the far north. It is then shown for all to see.

When the journey of Kita Nago begins, it lies before Nèg Mawon in Port-au-Prince. Lifted and born along on a 700-kilometer marathon walk, it begins in southwest Les Irois and ends in northeast Ouanaminthe. The official start of the event kicks off in Port-au-Prince with a ceremony in which President Martelly, First Lady Sophia, and Prime Minister Lamothe participate. Afterwards, the huge polished timber lies at rest before Nèg Mawon, for residents and pilgrims from elsewhere in Haiti to pay homage.

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Breaking News - Dual Nationality is now the law in Haiti

It finally happened in Haiti after so many years of fight.

The Haitian lawmakers voted late on Sunday to ament the Haitian constitution and allow dual nationality to Haitians living overseas.

This is a historic day....

Now it is a fact that Haitians all over the world will have more rights and be more involved in building Haiti's future.

These Haitians currently living in the United States, Canada, France, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and other countries in the world can now own land and rune for some public offices in Haiti

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New Video raising the race factor in Haiti 2010 Election

We just received a videotape raising the issue of race in the Haiti 2010 Presidential election. The main question, according to Mr. Wilner Nau who produced this videotape was:
How can we Haitian, with over 90% of the population being of African descent, elect a White Man in 2010? Mr. Nau further stated that Haiti is the first Black independent nation in the Caribbean. Over 100,000 Haitians were killed to put the white people out of the country. For a country that killed White people to get its independence, Mr. Nau would like to know what to say the next time a Jamaican, people from Trinidad and Tobago, or anyone who is working with him asks him the question: "What's up with your White President"

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