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Nehemy Joseph, not comfortable with CEP, resigns

It appears that the recent attacks and accusations that have been mounting against Haiti Provisional Electoral Council(CEP) are having some effects. One of its members, Néhémy Joseph, realized that this is no longer an environment for him to work as he handed his resignation letter to President Michel Martelly.

A copy of the resignation letter is included. In his three page letter addressed to the President, Mr. Néhémy Joseph referred to the ongoing criticisms against the CEP stating that the country needs inclusive and impartial election

With the resignation of Néhémy Joseph from the CEP, do you see any hope for the election process to continue its course?

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Electoral Council Controversy over Nehemie Joseph Nomination

President Martelly went on the attack last week when he heard Parliament had nominated Nehemie Joseph to be on the provisional electoral council. Parliament feels Joseph, who formerly sat on the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, will best support the electoral council's mission: to run a fair, transparent, and impartial tabulation of voter ballots on Election Day.

No one knows what makes Martelly challenge Joseph's nomination. All Martelly says is a conspiracy to undermine his administration is the reason behind the nomination. Martelly and his advisor, Joseph Lambert, say Parliament's unacceptable choice of Joseph is reason enough to keep the unsavory Josue Pierre-Louis on the electoral council.

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Nehemie Joseph, Pierre Simon Georges, Mary Clunie Dumay chosen for the CEP

The Haitian parliament has finally fixed their choice by providing its three names to represent them at the electoral council in Port-au-Prince. The three individuals are comprised of two men: Nehemie Joseph and Pierre Simon Georges, with one woman, Mary Clunie Dumay.

This announcement was made by the Vice-President of the Senate, Senator Andris Riche on a Radio station

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Anel Alexis Joseph Stands By CSPJ

Anel Alexis Joseph has landed on a position wherein he can better help improve Haiti's judicial system. He was inaugurated as one of the new members of the Superior of Judicial Powers (CSPJ) in a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. He teams up with eight other members comprising the new panel as the President of the Court of Cassation.

Anel Alexis Joseph believes that before the CSPJ's establishment, the power that the judicial, legislative, and executive branches hold is not balanced. He said that the Constitution was not receiving the respect it deserves, while the Executive was undermining the power of the judiciary. With the new panel, all these issues are expected to be addressed as its establishment will give way to the separation of power among the three branches.

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Dilia Lemaire As CSJP New Member

Dilia Lemaire has been inaugurated as one of the members of the Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSPJ). Lemaire, the representative of civil society, is just one of the nine members who were officially installed at the School of Magistrates. With his appointment, Lemaire will bear more responsibility in the Haiti's judiciary system.

While the CSPJ aims to enhance the judiciary system in Haiti, Lemaire and the entire CSJP are tapped to hire, train and hone the skills of new judges and court employees. Not only that, they have the authority to investigate court officials who may have violated the law.

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CSPJ Appointment, Nehemie Joseph

Nehemie Joseph has been officially installed as a member of the Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSJP). He is the representative of the Assembly of barrister in exercise and the Dean of the Bar of Gonaives. The inauguration was held during a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. It is part of the CSPJ's efforts to improve the judicial system in the country.

Joseph joins eight other members who were also inaugurated as part of the new CSJP panel. The others are Antoine Norgaisse, Anel Alexis Joseph, Max Elibert, Thiers Malette, Jean Alix Civil, Max Elibert, Jean Etienne Mercier, and Dilia Lemaire.

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Superior Council Of Judicial Power Welcomes 9 Members (CSPJ)

Haiti has taken a huge step in boosting its judicial system by installing nine members of the Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSJP). President Michel Martelly's government created the panel in an aim to properly divide the power among the judicial, legislative, and executive branches. The new CSJP is tasked to recruit, train and develop judges and court employees. It is also responsible to conduct investigations on judges and court employees should the need arise.

The following members include Anel Alexis Joseph (President of the Court of Cassation), Antoine Norgaisse (Vice-President and Judge at the Court of Cassation), Thiers Malette (Government Commissioner at the Court of Cassation), Max Elibert (Judge at the Court of Appeals of Les Cayes) and Gustave Pharaon (Dean of the Tribunal of First Instance of Gonaives).

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