Arrondissement of Corail

Corail is a town in Haiti. In the Grand'Anse Department, it is a municipality in the Corail Arrondissement. It is located at a 155 meters altitude above the level of the sea. Corail is located at 73° 53' 0" West and 18° 34' 0" North.


After the earthquake that took place in 2010, there was rapid growth in the population as people in thousands, trotted into Corail. In Haiti, it is known as the only 'official camp' which has been set up in April 2010, thanks to the Haiti government.

A lot of planning was involved in Corail's camp construction. However a large number of NGOs or non-governmental organizations provided aid with trouble rooms and clean latrines and water in the camp.

In the formation of the camp, a fundamental role was played by Oxfam International. To set up showers, toilets and water bladders, around 200 people from Haiti were hired. Planning was not done by the government to control the number of people in the camp. Hence the number of people at the camp kept increasing which led to steady falling of living conditions in Corail.

End of Desolated Structures. Each day, at Corail, there have been a number of flimsy buildings in small size sprouting up as squatters started grabbing Corail land, thus putting an end to structures that had been abandoned.

The Camp A Mere Disaster. The camp was previously well thought out, but the land grabbers have compounded a problem. From the camp, materials were stolen and the schools were flooded with their kids. As of now, the land that was allocated for building homes for people who lived in the camp legally is now occupied by the land grabbers.

The camp is now considered as a mere disaster with could show its ugly face soon. A lot of people at Corail have been struck with cholera however; the Corail government has refused to do anything in terms of prevention.

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