Haitian Firms get One Percent of $1 Billion-Plus Reconstruction Funds

Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) released a report that of $1.15 billion donated to Haiti post the earthquake, only one percent was received by Haitian firms, $1.15 million. The bulk of pledges was delivered to American-based corporations.


CEPR says it's impossible to find out where all the monies went. The problem is not who the main beneficiaries are, but where they are administering funds. For example, how much is spent on capital expenditures, administrative costs, transportation, and living allowances? And what amount has gone to Haiti's infrastructure?

United States Inter-Agency Development (USAID) organization, global disburser of monies, has refused comment on improprieties CEPR's report has hinted at. It has not offered any explanation why Haitian firms have received such a small share of funding, while Chemonics International Inc. (CII) has disproportionately been given $680 million in the last year. CII is the biggest beneficiary of USAID monies globally. Its $196-million share over the last three years outstrips combined totals of the second, third, and fourth beneficiaries on the disbursement list.

CII has underspent on Haiti reconstruction. Its agenda has included building an interim government office for Parliament, restoring public spaces, and retro-fitting the Port-au-Prince courthouse. Even though CII may be doing little, other factors obstruct Haitian firms from winning more contracts. One is Haitian banks often won't loan to them. Others are not knowing the right people and inexperience in submitting bids.

CEPR has demanded transparency in identifying sub-contracting entities and awarding more contracts directly to Haitian firms.

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