Haiti Hosts Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The present Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro paid his first official visit to Haiti on Tuesday, June 25, 2013. The meeting between Nicolas Maduro and the Haitian President, Michel Martelly took place on the grounds where once the National Palace stood before it collapsed during the earthquake of 2010. For several hours the meeting was held privately and was aimed towards starting the negotiations so that the flow of special funds could be renewed. Special funds refer to the oil money used primarily for infrastructure projects.


It must be noted that Venezuela is the biggest contributor or donor that has been helping Haiti to get back on its feet after the country was hit by the 2010 earthquake. A huge support came from the PetroCaribe fund of Venezuela. Millions of dollars from the PetroCaribe pact has been used by Haiti for renovating power station, rebuilding international airport runway and also for paying for fuel. The international airport in the second largest city of Haiti has been named after the former Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez.

Nicolas Maduro, during his visit, told to the reporters that Hugo Chavez always wanted to return to Haiti but never got a chance and hence, he Maduro visited the nation representing Chavez. In a press event that started after a 5-hour delay, Haitian president Michel Martelly reported that 94% of all development works in Haiti that include educational, infrastructural and agricultural projects are being funded by the PetroCaribe funds. However, none of the leaders took any questions from the press during the press conference.

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