Miragoane a Proud Community

Miragoane rests on the northern coast of the western peninsula of Haiti. As part of the Nippes Department and its capital, it is a main port of second-hand imports from Miami. At the port, merchants purchase imports and vend them at Miragoâne street stalls.


The history of Miragoane port, among the largest natural ports of the globe, was as a gathering place for the Spanish when the island was called Hispaniola. Eventually the French chased them out.

Miragoâne, ringed by mountains, is protected by Ile Gonave, which lies above it on an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. During its early history, gold was discovered and mined there.

Today, Miragoâne ranks as the number three biggest port along the southern-eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. During the rule of Jean-Claude Duvalier, the port was shut down. Affected by its closing, the region's economy suffered and unemployment is very high now as elsewhere on the island.

Miragoâne residents have managed to build its infrastructure in the areas of education and basic services. Cleanliness is important to them. Bi-weekly, about two dozen members of the community pick up trash clotting the streets of the city. Desiring to make the capital more attractive, the community is willing to toil under heat and humidity for many hours. They bring with them gardening tools to remake the streets and roads more traversable. The people of Miragoâne struggle to make their city a model of cleanliness and provide necessary services to the community.

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