Petite-Riviere-des-Nippes in Nippes Department

Petite-Riviere-des-Nippes, a cityship of the Miragoâne Arrondissement, which is under the Nippes Department, has a population of approximately 30,000. It lies below Ile Gonave and an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Four other communes make up Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes: Liana Fond, Cholette, Sillègue and Bezin.


Recently the Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes Mayor's Office issued a press release, in which it gave an update on the progress of the city infrastructure development project.

Beginning in 1999, the local government of Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes put forth a development plan. Development committees were to be established in each commune of Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes to prioritize a list of development projects for each of the communes. Two years were committed to pilot projects, in which training of participants was closely monitored.

During the second phase of the government of Haiti-sponsored (GOH) plan in 2001, project management leaders, together with all local and state authorities exchanged information on best practices discovered during the exploratory first phase. From an extensive list of pilot programs created by the four communes, each presented a priority list of their development needs for Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes. The local government developed a master plan and investment strategy, to be looked over by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). The PADF partners with the GOH to realize the GOH's Project for Participatory Development.

Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes community expresses gratitude to all interested parties and stakeholders that the development and investment plan has been successfully approved, and all concerned have great expectations Petite-Rivière-des-Nippes will become the pearl of the Caribbean.

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