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Ona-Ville Houses Project Inauguration

On Thursday, November 26, 2015, President Martelly inaugurated the Phase I of the Village Project "ONA-ville", in ONA-City in Morne-à-Cabris. The project was undertaken mainly to rehabilitate the employees of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) over an area of 125,548 square meters (1351388 square feet).

Around ninety residential units have been constructed with capacities of three to five bedrooms in three categories: Type I: 221 Sq meters with five bedrooms, four toilets; Type II: 217 meters with four bedrooms, 3 toilets and Type III: is 196 meters with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets. The project, initiated in 2003, is the result of a partnership between the Haitian government and ONA (National Old-Age Insurance Office). In addition to these ninety houses, paved roads of 3.4 kilometers long have also been constructed within the project.

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Ona-ville houses Project Inauguration in morne a cabri

The Inauguration of 90 houses Project, Ona-ville in the region of morne à cabri. In addition to these 90 houses rehabilitation, there is a 3.4 kilometers of paved roads built with recreational spaces.

WATCH VIDEO: ONA City or Ona Ville key delivery to police officers

Haitian Kreyol:

Inogirasyon 90 kay Pwojè, Ona-ville nan rejyon Morne à cabri. Anplis de 90 kay reyabilitasyon, gen yon 3.4 kilomèt wout pave bati ak espas lwazi.

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