Director of ONA, Bernard Degraff physically assaulted - fizikman atake

It has been reported that the Director-General of ONA, Bernard Degraff, spent a rough time today. Director of the ONA Bernard Degraff was in the Haitian Senate on Monday to answer charges of frauds and corruption. he was asked directly by the Chairman of the Committee of Security and Justice Haitian Senate, Pierre Francky Excius, to resign his post.


Direktè Jeneral la nan ONA, Bernard DeGraff, te pase yon tan ki graj jodi a. Direktè a ONA te nan Sena ayisyen a pou li te reponn akizasyon frod ak koripsyon. Prezidan Komite Sekirite ak Jistis, Pierre Francky Excius, mande Bernard DeGraff pou li bay demisyon li.

This was not the end of his turmoil for the day. At the conclusion of the hearing, several employees of ONA who have been terminated invaded the hall of the Senate and physically assaulted Mr. Bernard Degraff, according to witnesses present during the confrontation. He was beaten and shoved by the former ONA employees.

Sa pa te anko anyen. Nan konklizyon odyans lan, plizyè ansyen anplwaye nan ONA te fizikman atake Mesye Bernard DeGraff, dapre temwen

Recent history:
Less than a month after his installation as head of the National Old-Age Insurance (ONA), Bernard DeGraff started implementing some changes and modern management to bring order into the finances of the institution. Strict criteria for hiring were implemented, including the establishment of Risk Management, internal Audit, establish new code of ethics.

Mwens pase yon mwa apre enstalasyon li kòm tèt pou Asirans Granmoun (ONA), Bernard DeGraff te kòmanse mete an aplikasyon kèk chanjman ak jesyon modèn pou pote lòd nan enstitisyon an. Kritè strik pou anbochaj te aplike, kontwòl kontab, etabli nouvo kòd etik.

As a results of these changes, some employees were let go. However, several former employees have accused Bernard DeGraff for fraud and corruption

Kòm yon rezilta nan chanjman sa yo, gen kèk anplwaye yo kite ale. Sepandan, plizyè anplwaye ansyen yo te akize Bernard DeGraff pou frod ak koripsyon.

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Robert says...

i see security everywhere i go in haiti.

where was the security posted when people can just walk in and start fighting with public

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Subject: Director of ONA, Bernard Degraff physically assaulted - fizikman atake edit

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