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Haitian government borrowed over a billion of gourde from ONA, no interest

I guess if you have the power, you can make the rules of the game. According to actual document, the actual Director of the National Old Age Insurance Office (ONA), Renald Benjamin is crying fault as he has discovered that the minister of Finance under the government of Michel Martelly, Wilson Laleau, went deep on the fund of the ONA. The government had borrowed a total of One Billion and two hundred million of gourdes from ONA at zero interest. There transactions took place between September 2015 and January 2016 when Emmanuel Menard was in charge of ONA. So far efforts by the current administration of ONA to recover the money have been unsuccessful. The actual Minister of Finance, Yves Romain Bastien, is asking for the current Director of ONA to give him copy of these loan contracts.

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Cholzer Chancy pushing for Jean Tholbert Alexis to be ONA Director

Among the political positions most attractive today in Haiti is the Director of ONA and to be in that position, one must have some very good friends high above. This is the case for the former President of the Chamber of Deputy, Tholbert Alexis. According to some correspondance made public, the current President of the Chamber of Deputy, Cholzer Chancy, has been pulling some cords to get the job to his friend Tholbert by recommending Tholbert Alexis to Prime Minister Enex Jean- Chjarles. He was also nsuccessfully recommended for the post of Prime Minister.

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Emmanuel Menard making pension fund properly paid at ONA

Will ONAPAM Launch this Year? Artibonite Senator Yannick Joseph Hopes So?

Director General of the National Old Age Insurance Office (ONA), Emmanuel Menard, is instituting some new programs for policy owners in May 2015. Menard said ONA is collaborating with the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) to be certain the pension fund pays out what it owes to private sector employees before resuming mortgage loans that have been on hold for 8 months. ONA will also inaugurate a program that allows for voluntary contributions to the pension fund by those self-employed. Menard also announced the completion of four new retirement homes located in urban areas across the country.

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Emmanuel Menard replaced Bernard Desgraff at (ONA)

Breaking news, Bernard Desgraff has been housted at the head of the National Insurance Office for the Elderly in Haiti(ONA). he was replaced by none other than Jean Marie Vianney Emmanuel Ménard, former President of the Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP).

I would call this as two interesting changes made by the Martelly Lamothe Government and in deed surprising. Who would have imagined that the famous Bernard Desgraff would end up out in the street and cold after all he has been through with the union group of ONA?

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire heads armed commando to free ONA Security

Tuesday, March 26 was a day filled with developments within the Haitian justice system. It began early in the day when ONA (Office National Old Age Insurance) security agents and employees staged a protest which stopped other ONA employees from entering or leaving the compound. The group that demonstratively chained and locked the main gate was directing their ire at Director General of the company, Bernard Desgraff.

Desgraff, in the position for over four years, is accused of the waste and mismanagement of company funds, of removing the health insurance of the workers, of exhibiting favoritism in lending habits and of the removal of an ebit card that had been in place before he came into office. For all these charges, the protesting group wished for his firing.

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Bernard Degraff accused for ONA fund in private banks and irregular terminations

The government of Haiti's (GOH) latest corruption scandal has erupted over state-worker pensions (ONA) being moved from Central Bank (CB) to individual accounts at National Credit Bank (NCB).

Testifying before senators, Director Bernard Degraff, who runs the National Office of Pensions (NOP), evaded inquiries on how pension funds ended up being diverted to NCB. The transfer happened without state workers' foreknowledge, and in violation of Haiti's Constitution. It states no pension funds are to be moved from CB to any other financial institution.

Bernard Degraff, President Martelly's appointee to ONA, had been under investigation even before the pension-fund scheme was uncovered. Reports from inside GOH have alleged other instances of mis-management Degraff has been involved in. He is reputed to have fired scores of government administrators for no apparent reason, and given himself a whopping salary increase. GOH investigators have been combing through documents and interviewing NOP agency workers to compile a list of charges they will indict him with.

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Director of ONA, Bernard Degraff physically assaulted - fizikman atake

It has been reported that the Director-General of ONA, Bernard Degraff, spent a rough time today. Director of the ONA Bernard Degraff was in the Haitian Senate on Monday to answer charges of frauds and corruption. he was asked directly by the Chairman of the Committee of Security and Justice Haitian Senate, Pierre Francky Excius, to resign his post.

Direktè Jeneral la nan ONA, Bernard DeGraff, te pase yon tan ki graj jodi a. Direktè a ONA te nan Sena ayisyen a pou li te reponn akizasyon frod ak koripsyon. Prezidan Komite Sekirite ak Jistis, Pierre Francky Excius, mande Bernard DeGraff pou li bay demisyon li.

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