Rosny Smarth, Haitian Prime Minister

The short stints of Haiti's appointed Prime Ministers perhaps hints to the difficulties involved in running the office. While a tenure from late February of 1996 to early June the next year is hardly anything to scoff at when compared to other stays at the government's pinnacle, something can be said for the hasty resignation of Haiti's 8th Prime Minister.


Rosny Smarth was born in Cavaillon on the 19th of October, 1940. His studies would include agronomy at the University of Santiago de Chile, and economics at the University of Port-au-Prince. After his time as a student, Smarth worked as the Chilean Institute's director for Agricultural Development, then as a land reform committee member for the President of the country, Salvador Allende in 1973. His overseas work would continue in Mexico where he was an expert in the UN's post offices. In 1991 he became the Haitian Minister of Agriculture's advisor, a post he kept for the next three years.

A member of the OPL (Organization of Struggling People), Rosny Smarth was made prime minister in 1996 and caused widespread surprise upon his resignation just over a year later that would leave the post unattended for nearly two years, reportedly after disagreements with President Rene Preval, the result of which was a possible political impasse. At the time, there was great concern that his departure would have a crippling effect on the country's economic reform.

Rosny Smarth went on to become a consultant in agriculture for the corresponding ministry in the Dominican Republic, as well as a consultant for a Chilean agency, and has, since 2010, acted as the head of the Alternative platform.

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