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Overthrowing Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe would be a big mistake, Bill Clinton

According to Former US President Bill Clinton, Laurent Lamothe has done a really good job as Prime Minister in Haiti

The former US President think that Haiti was growing economically like crazy during the past four years and he admitted that Haiti is a complicated country,"

Kreyol Pale Kreyol kompran

Ansyen Prezidan Ameriken-a pale oui. Sa ki vle koute, koute!

Li di ke sa pa depan de li pou Laurent Lamothe ale oubyen rete, min nou kapab regrete si li pa Premye Mimis ankor. Li di ke Ayiti te ape devlope pandan 4 ane sa yo ki te pase-a.

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Are you for "Dechoukage" or give Michel Martelly a chance?

As a successful protest against the government of Michel Martelly ended on November 18, new manifestation for the "Dechoukage" of the regime is scheduled for November 29 in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince. My question is that should the government be given a chance or be out no matter what?

Here is where the discussion lies and depending who you are, you will likely fall into one of the following categories:

Are you for "Rache Manyok Bay Ter-a Blanch"

Are you for "Give Michel Martelly a Chance"

Now, let's see who is right and who is wrong

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