Yo tire Kandida Césaire Cheristin Ferdinand a mò nan Petion-Ville

Kandida a pou Depite nan Sainte-Suzanne ki nan Nord Est Depatman te mouri apre li te frape pa yon bal nan yon lokalite ki rele Well-Blam nan Petion-Ville jodi 7 desanm 2015. Li te gen 32 ane. Césaire Cheristin Ferdinand ki te yon Ansyen pèsonalite Radyo, yo te konnen li pi bye kòm Mass Design. Li te travay pou Planet Kreyol and Scoop FM. Li te ap kouri pou depite nan Sainte-Suzanne anba banyè OPL.



Candidate Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand shot dead in Petion-Ville

The candidate for Deputy of Sainte-Suzanne in the Nord Est Department is dead after he was hit by a bullet in the locality of Well-Blam in Petion-Ville on December 7, 2015. The Former Radio personality who is better known as Mass Design was 32 years old.

According to Guy Weberne Guerrier (Guy Wewe), who is also a radio host for Kompa music in Radio vision 2000, Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand was taken to Hospital Espoir in Delmas 75 after he was shot. His friend said that he was shot very close to his home some 500 feet from his house, at the parking lot. They also described that on the day of the shooting

On the day of the shooting Cesaire was home all day, sleeping for the most part. According to Wewe, someone called him on the phone and as he went out to the parking lot, he was cowardly shot by two unidentified individuals who the took his car and fled the scene. We were told that he passed away as he was been transported to the Hospital

Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand started his radio career with radio maximum, then spend some time at Radio Port-au-Prince, then RFM. He later went to work for scoop FM before moving to politic. He took some classes in Political science and then ran for the Deputation of Sainte-Suzanne under the banner of OPL.

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