Police under strict order to prevent a Major protest from reaching Petion-Ville.

Several thousands of people were once again in the streets to demand the annulment of the last election in Haiti. One thing that is different this time they are now in favor of a transitional government to replace the current Martelly-Paul Government. So far, no incident of violence has been reported; however it is not certain this will remain. The crowd is as we speak is heading straight to confrontation with Police. The protesters are heading to the CEP local in Petion-Ville. We learned that that Police received orders not to let the protest reach the CEP local in Petion-Ville.


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Wide Discrepancy in Preliminary Voting Results Cause Violent Protests

The demonstration started out as peaceful, but by the time demonstrators got to the neighborhood of Delmas they came face-to-face with pro-government backers, who hurled rocks at them. One man was reportedly killed and another seriously hurt by a machete wound to the head.

Poll conductors Igarape Institute (II) found during exit polls 82% of voters thought ". . . this election is fair, there is no fraud." But when the preliminary results were published the same sampling of voters, 90% of them, said they thought it was an unfair election.

Haitian Kreyol:
Lapolis anba lòd sevè pou anpeche yon gwo pwotestasyon rive Petion-Ville. Plizyè milye moun yo lòt fwa ankò nan lari pou mande anilasyon eleksyon ki sot pase an Ayiti a. Youn nan bagay ki diferan tan sa a, kounye a yo an favè yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou ranplase aktyèl Gouvènman Martelly-Paul. Pa gen okenn ensidan vyolans ki rapòte; sepandan foul moun yo tet dwat pou ale nan konfwontasyon avèk Lapolis. Pwotestatè yo nan direksyon pou local CEP a ki nan nan Petion-Ville. Nou aprann ke Lapolis te resevwa lòd pou pa kite pwotestasyon an rive jwenn local CEP a nan Petion-Ville.

Pwoblem pap fini nan peyi sa!

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Subject: Police under strict order to prevent a Major protest from reaching Petion-Ville. edit

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