Current PHTK strategy is suicidal, according to Himmler Rebu

The former Minister of Sports under Michel Martelly has some advise for his friends in the Political Party PHTK. The founder of the Political party GREH, Himmler Rebu, said that the current political strategy adopted by PHTK in non productive and the party is committing a suicidal act by preventing Jocelerme Privert from establishing a new government with his Prime Minister Fritz Jean. According to Colonel Rebu, PHTK is working against its own interest by blocking the new government of Fritz jean. He suggests that instead, they should work in helping the government to hold the second round of the election within its 120 days according to the accord.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Estrateji PHTK kounye a se swisid, dapre Himmler Rebu

Ansyen Minis espò anba Michel Martelly gen kèk konseye pou zanmi l 'nan pati politik PHTK a. Fondatè pati politik GREH a, Himmler Rebu, te di ke estrateji politik ke PHTK adopte kounye a pa pwodiktif e yo ape komèt swisid paske yo ape anpeche Jocelerme Privert etabli yon nouvo gouvènman ak Premye Minis li Fritz Jean. Dapre Kolonèl Rebu, PHTK ap travay kont enterè pwòp li lè yo ape bloke gouvènman nouvo Fritz jean. Li sijere ke olye de sa, yo ta dwe travay nan ede gouvènman an kenbe fè dezyèm tou eleksyon an nan 120 jou li yo dapre akò a.

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Current PHTK strategy is suicidal, according to Himmler Rebu edit

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