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Current PHTK strategy is suicidal, according to Himmler Rebu

The former Minister of Sports under Michel Martelly has some advise for his friends in the Political Party PHTK. The founder of the Political party GREH, Himmler Rebu, said that the current political strategy adopted by PHTK in non productive and the party is committing a suicidal act by preventing Jocelerme Privert from establishing a new government with his Prime Minister Fritz Jean. According to Colonel Rebu, PHTK is working against its own interest by blocking the new government of Fritz jean. He suggests that instead, they should work in helping the government to hold the second round of the election within its 120 days according to the accord.

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Colonel Himmler Rebu anticipates major catastrophe with election

One of the strongest reactions to the resignation of electoral councilor Nehemie Joseph from th CEP came from a former minister in the government of Michel Martelly. Colonel Himmler Rebu wants to make it clear that the best possible decision at this time is to stop with the election process. He predicted if the elections are allowed to continue, Haiti will face a major catastrophe.

Former Colonel Rebu thinks thath this resignation of Nehemie Joseph further validates the general view that grave errors were committed during the last election and that the CEP has chosen not to correct them.

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Himmler Rebu revealed corruption and abuse at the Minister of Sport

Taking an opportunity offered to him by Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya and Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Colonel Himler Rebu brought some shocking information he learned in the Minister of Sport that he had the chance to manage for the past Nine months. The Colonel gave us a glance on how the Minister has been operating and it is likely to make any citizen of this land very sad.

Here is some of the things mentioned: History of sexual aggression, pedophile placed in position to hurt children, allowing foreigners to involve in human trafficking of our children, Minister having a debt of over 58 million gourdes, more than 100 employees of the Minister never work but collect their checks monthly, Former Minister paying employees for their private businesses with funds from the minister.

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Osner Fevry, Jeantel Joseph and Joseph Enold joined Monitoring Committee

The work of the Monitoring Committee of the inter Haitian dialogue must go on. God luck to those who have joined the government of open, government of job opening, or government of closure as some may refer to. However, we at the Monitoring Committee have much more to do.

With the new appointment of Mr. Osner Févry of the National Coalition of Political Parties Non-Aligned Movement of the Democratic Centre (CONACED) , Mr. Jeantel Joseph National Consortium of Political Parties, and Joseph Enold the Konvansyon inite Demokratik to replace former Senator Rudy Hérivaux, former colonel Himmler Rébu of GREH Party and Patrick SW Joseph, I feel that the committee is under great pressure to have things done.

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