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Rumor of Conspiracy, Enex Jean-Charles to replace Privert

According to Pierre Esperance, Executive Director of the National Network Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), is currently opposed to his boss, Jocelerme Privert. Not only that the current Prime Minister doesn't see eye to eye with Haiti Provisional President, Jocelerme privert; Pierre Esperance revealed that the Prime Minister is conspiring with members of the Parliament to remove Privert and give him executive power.

By the way, I want to point out to you that according to the Haitian constitution, the President can't fire the Prime Minister once he is ratified by the National Assembly. Should we say this is a power grabbing opportunity for Prime Minister Enex jean-Charles?

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Human rights activist in Haiti, Pierre Esperance, threatened

Amnesty International reported on Tuesday that Pierre Esperance, Executive Director of the National Human Rights Defense Network, received a threatening letter along with a bullet. The letter accused Esperance of publishing untrue reports aimed at weakening President Michel Martelly's Government, and also referred to a previous attack when he had survived shots to the shoulder and knee while in his car.

Esperance and his team have publishing reports on a range of subjects including alleged links of the Government to the drug trade, and also about human rights and embezzlement charges connected with former dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvallier.

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Pierre Esperance rejects questions on integrity in affair Joseph Lambert and Edo Zenny

As they've made it their mission to question the goings on of any and all individuals, entities or even the government as they relate to issues of human rights and justice, it is a point of irony that the RNDDH, (The National Network for the Defense of Human Rights) has, itself, been called out on the integrity of its dealings in the affair concerning former Senator, Joseph Lambert and current Senator, Edwin Zenny.

The organization had received the official testimony against the senators and the accusation is that the RNDDH has been subjective and have delineated towards a decidedly partisan opinion. The two senators were accused of being directors of the Kakos criminal syndicate. Their accuser, Sherlson Sanon, gave a testimony that was notarized, stating that Zenny and Lambert had issued him orders to commit various crimes including electoral fraud, drug trafficking and murder.

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Pierre Esperance plays major role at RNDDH

Since his election as the National Network for the Defense of Human Right's head, Pierre Esperance has been active in championing the organization's causes, stepping on a few toes, intentionally, in the process. His subsequent nomination as a International Federation for Human Right's Secretary General put added clout behind him, making the role he plays as the RNDDH's voice even weightier.

For over five years he has been battling the Haitian government and other involved entities on the case of justice for the murdered journalist Jean Dominique. Since Dominique's assassination 13 years ago, no one has been prosecuted and the investigation is rumored to have been only half-hearted.

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Joseph Lambert responded to charges leveled against him by Sherlson Sanon - Live Video

The presidential adviser and former Senator Southeast Joseph Lambert is back fighting for his reputation after the accusations of Sherlson Sanon that Mr. Lambert would be part of a gang involved in violent crimes and drug trafficking.

He said that the individual in question represent yet another attempt to kill him politically, especially on the eve of new elections in which he intends to participate.

The former Senator Southeast replied to implicating the Executive Director and program manager of the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), Pierre Esperance and Marie Yolene Gilles, accusing them of being behind this to discredit him. He criticizes the RNDDH, naming the rape case against Mr. Josué Pierre-Louis.

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Pierre Esperance elected Secretary General of International Federation for Human Rights

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the world's oldest organization advocating human rights on an international scale has elected its first Haitian Secretary General. Established in 1922 and comprised of well over a hundred nations, the FIDH, at their recent meeting in Istanbul, Turkey endeavored to select a fresh International Bureau.

From their efforts, Pierre Esperance was inducted onto the new board along with other secretary generals, Paul Nsapu, who represents the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dan Van Raemdonck, who represents Belgium, Moroccon representive, Amina Bouyach and Debbie Stothard, representing Burma. Esperence also acts as the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights' (RNDDH) head in his home country.

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Haitian Government Accused of Establishing Paramilitary Force in Les Cayes, "Le Police"

The Haitian government is currently in hiatus and conflict due to the emergence of a militant group claiming to be associated with the country's most powerful individual, the President. A group of fugitives who referred to themselves as "The Police" recently publicly claimed to have a connection with Haitian President Michel Martelly's political party. They have transformed themselves as the paramilitary force of Les Cayes' police department and are currently well-armed.

Les Cayes' government commissioner, Jean-Marie Salomon, announced that he has information on the identity of the group's members, mostly with criminal backgrounds and some having escaped from prison. With all the fuss on The Police's claim of being part of a strong political party, the Commissioner declined in confirming the group's political affiliation. This has worried the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH), especially in terms of the safety and security of Haiti's southern department. RNDDH's Executive Director Pierre Espérance believes that The Police belonged to Martelly's Tet Kale Party and was supposedly formed by Haiti's Minister of Justice Jean Renel Sanon in order to commit repression in the country.

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