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President Michel Martelly inaugurated the Public Square of Pignon

On Friday, June 7, 2013, President Michel Martelly inaugurated the Public Square of Pignon. This event took place in presence of different parliamentarians as well as various local authorities. The Public Square is intended to give the local citizens a space for entertainment. The Public Square has been constructed by SECOSA. This Public Square in Pignon is symbolic of the air changes sweeping through the area that has been long awaited by the residents.

Dioda Calixte, the Mayor of Pignon congratulated and welcome President Martelly during the event and called him as a President with great vision. The President also received expressions of appreciation from Deputy Hidson Nelson. Nelson appreciated Martelly for all his achievements and especially for the Public Square.

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Pignon In Haiti, Nord Department

This is a city you will find in the Nord region of Haiti, in the Saint-Raphael Arrondissement. Around 29,327 people inhabit it.

Pignon is naturally well protected town against possible tornadoes and tropical storms that are frequent in the area. It is situated in a valley that is safeguarded by gigantic mountains.

Jean Guillaume de Pignon, a French tradesmen and a plantation owner founded this beautiful town of Pignon in 1699. He settled his family in the village at the foot of the mountains, shortly after the Treaty of Ryswick was signed with Spain.

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