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Assad Volcy enters Senate race as candidate for West Department

The Deputy Secretary General of the Platform Pitit Dessalin, Assad Volcy, wants to become Senator of the West Department. "Pou lari a" is his new slogan that he intends to win he race with. Assad Volcy will be competing with Jean Myrtho Muraille, another member of his candidate for platform Pitit Dessalin for this seat. At this time, the candidates are waiting for the National Electoral Office (BCEN) verdict on a dispute by Muraille, candidate in the last election.

What do you think?

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Work under way to nominate only one candidate for the G8

We have learned that there is a high possibility that one candidate could represent the G8 in the next presidential election in Haiti. I know what the next question is and I will answer it immediately. No, Moise Jean-Charles will not fall for something like this and would run under the banner "Pitit Dessalin". the group is currently working on the plan if thy manage to have a consensus on one candidate, it will likely be Jude Celestin.

Wouldn't this be interesting if we could have a race with Jude Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles, Maryse Narcisse and Jovenel Moise?

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No second round election without Jean-Charles Moise

Platfom Pitit Dessalines may not know the names of the two presidential candidates who will be participating in the runoff Presidential election in Haiti; however they are certain of at least one of them. In less than one week before the report of the Commission of Verification, the political platform Pitit Dessalines made it clear that there will be "no second round without Jean-Charles Moïse". In addition, Pitit Dessalines expects the elimination of PHTK candidate Jovenel Moïse from the process, stating if it is proved that a candidate or political group has benefited from fraud, the votes should be annulled.

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Moise Jean Charles denounces gift of Ministry Privert gave to Assad Volcy

Former Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles came out to denounce his friend Assad Volcy and at the same time to give him an Ultimatum to fix his position regarding the advantages received from President Jocelerme Privert. According to Moise jean Charles, his fried and the number 2 member of Pitit Dessalines Assad Volcy was involved in an internal deal with President Jocelerme Privert where a minister was given to him.

Moise jean Charles gave Assad Volcy an ultimatum of (2)two days to fix his position regarding the advantages received from President Privert.

What do you think?

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Moise Jean Charles di Jude Celestin mwen pa pral sipote ou Ti Papa

Si ou panse te gen yon posibilite pou gwoup G8 ini anba yon candida an fas Jovenel Moise, ou ka bliye sa. Moise Jean Charles te soti pozisyon li. Li fè konnin ke kèlkeswa desizyon Group G8 lan, li pa pral sipòte kandida Jude Celestin. Dapre Moise, Jude Celestin reprezante moun ki renmen fason bagay yo ye an, e pa vle chanjman, ke li ape sipòte gwoup oligachi a an Ayiti.


Moise Jean Charles" No matter what, I will not Support Jude Celestin"

If you think at one point there was a possibility for the group G8 to unite themselves under one candidate, you can forget about it. Moise Jean Charles came out and made his position known. According to the candidate of Pitit Dessalin, regardless of what the decision of G8 is, he will not support the candidate Jude Celestin. For Moise, Jude Celestin is a representative of the status quo, the oligarchy in Haiti.

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Pitit Desalin member Maxo Gaspard killed in Delmas 33

Maxo Gaspard who was responsible for logistic at Pitit Desalin was killed following the publication of the election results by the CEP. According to eyewitnesses, after the elimination of Moise Jean Charles, Maxo Gaspard came out saying "Moise Jean Charles or death". Consequently, he was shot to death by an armed police officer present. Several witnesses pointed the finger at Boyd, a new Unit of the Haitian Police , whom they accused for killing Mr. Gaspard.

according to people who know Maxo Gaspard, he was very close to Moise Jean Charles. The candidate reacted to the death of his friend and also rejected the election results, stating that he will stand to fight the electoral coup d'etat that Martelly and some in the international community are trying to do.

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Members Pitit Desalin and Verite arrested in Pilate

11:30AM We learned that 2 members of Political Parties "Pitit Desalin" and "Verite" have been arrested in the locality of Pilate. It is also reported that some people have started a protest that was dispersed by the Police in Pilate.

In St Michel de l'Attalaye, policemade three(3) arrests found in possession of 4 mandates of different political parties

In Petit-Goâve, 17 people were arrested. There are suspicions that these people came from the Haitian capital. They are being detained at Petit-Goâve Police Station

Here is a picture of candidate Eric Jean-Baptiste as he is voting on October 25, 2015

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Jean-Charles Moise Reported Misuse of 50 Million

Jean-Charles Moïse, the presidential candidate of the "Pitit Desalin" platform has been indexed by the Superior Court of Auditors on charges of misuse of 50 million HTG (at present rate around US$1.25 million) of public fund earmarked for the second largest Haitian city Cap-Haitien. In December 2007, he was the recipient of "cost of reception" fees" amounting to 36, 75,000 HTG. Furthermore, this former Mayor of Milot and Senator from the North had collected millions between 2006 and 2011 as an adviser to former President Rene Preval. His candidacy for the Presidential post is presently running at a risk of disqualification. During the last week of June, he had reported pressure from a group of opposition political parties to deviate him from the electoral race. Some civil society and human rights organizations had called the CEP not to surrender under pressure.

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Police landed on Local of Pitit Desalin with mendate on hands

We just learned that some of the members of the Pitit Desalin has a rough time as Haitian Police entered the local in search of an individual by the name of Sonson. We also learned that former Senator Moise Jean Charles was man handled and would not be allowed to enter the facility.

The members of the Political party are left confused, not knowing why this incident took place. Mr. Assad Volcy said to the news reporters that were present that at the beginning there was no Justice of Peace present. The Justice of Peace later showed up only after the Police

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