Pitit Desalin member Maxo Gaspard killed in Delmas 33

Maxo Gaspard who was responsible for logistic at Pitit Desalin was killed following the publication of the election results by the CEP. According to eyewitnesses, after the elimination of Moise Jean Charles, Maxo Gaspard came out saying "Moise Jean Charles or death". Consequently, he was shot to death by an armed police officer present. Several witnesses pointed the finger at Boyd, a new Unit of the Haitian Police , whom they accused for killing Mr. Gaspard.


according to people who know Maxo Gaspard, he was very close to Moise Jean Charles. The candidate reacted to the death of his friend and also rejected the election results, stating that he will stand to fight the electoral coup d'etat that Martelly and some in the international community are trying to do.

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Thelemaque Florvil says...

Now, we understand what is democracy for some people when we don't even have right to stand up for our legitimate opinion.

We become uglier no matter our paint.

The blood of a martyr is for more commitment and determination a levain.

Know that the world is looking at us although the accomplice of some hypocrites.

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Subject: Pitit Desalin member Maxo Gaspard killed in Delmas 33 edit

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