84 suspected criminals graduated with the 26th promotion of the PNH

The National Human Rights Network(RNDDH) revealed that several individuals with criminal records are included in the


26th promotion of the police academy who graduated on Tuesday.

On the same day that 1475 new agents came out of the Police Academy, RNDDH shared a list comprising of 84 individuals with the same names of some of those graduates with grave suspicion on them.

- 16 are former prisoner who evaded during the 2010 earthquake
- 16 are members of various criminal gangs
- 10 were involved in rape, in some cases involving minor children
- 7 involved in "Voies de Fait"
- 3 involved in crime with gun
- 3 having problem with the justice system for possession of illegal guns
- 2 individuals deported from U.S. for their involvement in robberies and abuse on minors
- 1 individual was involved in kidnapping

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Subject: 84 suspected criminals graduated with the 26th promotion of the PNH edit

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