President Michel Martelly Accused Of Having Over 66 Political Parties

On Monday, April 13, 2015, the political actors in Haiti have accused President Martelly on charges of setting up over 66 political parties out of the total 165 parties registered for the forthcoming election.


The accusation came when the Prime Ministry is trying to reduce the number of contending political parties in the election and the President and the Minister of Justice Pierre-Richard Casimir were busy in meeting the Heads of some compassionate countries like Brazil, Venezuela and others to fund the massive coming election (expected budget between $50 and 60 million, the most expensive ever in Haiti). During the discussions, the Head of States have expressed their concerns to fund the coming electoral process. According to an amendment with support from the former President Preval, political parties taking part in the election will be supported from a fund earmarked for the contests.

Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime from the North-East while meeting a group of journalists on April 13, has mentioned that Martelly himself owns 52 parties. Such number, as per the estimate of former Senate President Simon Dieuseul Desras is above 60. However, the most common figure as per the estimates of other political personalities average around 66. As per the constitution, the President cannot stand for re-election, but his wife or son may do so. However, both of them were accused of corruption by rival politicians, which they deny.

On March 31, 2015, the Provisional Electoral Council has approved a list of 166 parties and political groups for the election. The election will decide 140 city or town delegates, 140 municipal councils, 119 deputies of the people, 570 three-member cartel CASECs, 570 three-member cartel ASECS, 20 senators of the republic and one president of the republic by January 2016. Compared with just 110 posts up for the election in 2010, 2015 election will decide the fate of 6,000 representatives by ballot... but with 166 political parties, this is not a democracy, but an anarchy.

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