The National Unity Party, Duvalier Political party to run in next Election

The National Union party, founded under the dictatorship of Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier, is set to potentially take part in the next elections in Haiti. Papa Doc presided over a tough regime that allegedly crushed political opposition and dissent through the private militia force - the Tonton Macoutes. He passed away in 1971 and was succeeded by his son Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier who, at 19, became the youngest leader in the world at the time.


Baby Doc proceeded to rule Haiti as 'president for life' until ousted by a political coup in 1986. His lawyers have continued to refute allegations of human rights abuses and embezzlement allegedly committed during his period of rule. Despite this dark cloud of allegations, and much to the dismay of human rights campaigners, Baby Doc is free to roam. Since his surprise return in 2011, he has been spotted in restaurants, socialising with associates and is even occasionally met by groups of applauding supporters waving the red and black flag of the National Union party.

As part of the National Union party's proposed election campaign, they plan to open several offices on the Southeast coast. Baby Doc and his partner, Veronique Roy, recently attended an opening of one such office near the town of Jacmel. Now 62, he is reportedly frail and it is rumoured that it might actually be his son Francois Nicolas (Nico) who will run for the National Union party in the forthcoming elections. The party has announced that it will run "at all levels" in the legislative and local vote.

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