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Phelito Doran appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minster's office of Communication has sent letters to newsrooms informing the Haitian general public that Pheklito Doran has been appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister. She will be in charge of the relations of the office of the prime minister, with Parliament. She will succeed Ralph Théano and her appointment has been approved by the President. Before her appointment, Phelito Doran was Chamber of Deputies president in the Haitian 47th legislature. This move is one of the latest changes after the cabinet shake-up which happened after the El Rancho accord that was entered into by the various Haitian government branches.

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Laurent Lamothe, most powerful Haitian Prime Minister since 1987

It seems like no one can touch Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. According to Political Analyst, Daly Valet, this Government shake-up confirms that the Prime Minister has a hold on the Government. Daly Valet went further to say that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Laurent Lamothe has been the most powerful Haitian Prime Minister since the adoption of the Constitution of 1987.

Now do you agree With Political analyst Daly Valet?

Do you think that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is is the Most powerful Prime Minister of Haiti?

According to Daly, the new government is rather a government of closure, from Tèt Kale to Tèt Kale. I have also heard that this new Government shake-up was made in a way to have control over the next Presidential election of 2016.

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Haiti Government reshuffled to satisfied El Rancho Agreement

The government of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe has gone through a major transformation. Many new individuals are named to head some of the most important Ministers. The Open Government has been formed. However, many would say: "Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme Chose"

Here is the new Open government

Laurent Lamothe Salvador appointed Minister of Planning and External Cooperation

Duly Brutus became Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, replacing Pierre Richard Casimir

Renel Sanon appointed Minister of Justice and Public Security (unchanged)

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Gerard Latortue, Haiti Prime Minister

Born in Gonaives on the 19th of June 1934, Haiti's 12th Prime Minister, Gérard Latortue ascended to the seat with much criticism in the wake of his appointment. For, when he was named as Haiti's Prime Minister on March 12, 2004, Latortue had been absent from the country, living on foreign shores for well over a decade.

After studying in Paris at the Institutes of Economic and Social Development, and Political Sciences, Latortue, at 26, returned to his country of birth and began work as a lawyer and later a professor. A year later, after noting that Haitians had no place to study economics, he co-founded a business and economic study institute in the nation's capital.

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Rosny Smarth, Haitian Prime Minister

The short stints of Haiti's appointed Prime Ministers perhaps hints to the difficulties involved in running the office. While a tenure from late February of 1996 to early June the next year is hardly anything to scoff at when compared to other stays at the government's pinnacle, something can be said for the hasty resignation of Haiti's 8th Prime Minister.

Rosny Smarth was born in Cavaillon on the 19th of October, 1940. His studies would include agronomy at the University of Santiago de Chile, and economics at the University of Port-au-Prince. After his time as a student, Smarth worked as the Chilean Institute's director for Agricultural Development, then as a land reform committee member for the President of the country, Salvador Allende in 1973. His overseas work would continue in Mexico where he was an expert in the UN's post offices. In 1991 he became the Haitian Minister of Agriculture's advisor, a post he kept for the next three years.

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Claudette Werleigh, Prime Minister of Haiti

Some say seven is a lucky number, but in the case of Haiti's 7th Prime Minister, luck took a back seat to hard work, as Claudette Werleigh used her learning and self-efficacy to propel her into history as Haiti's first female prime minister.

Born on September 26, 1946, Werleigh grew up wealthy and under the Roman Catholic faith. She described how, at an early age, she empathized with the poor traders who she would see come to trade their coffee for their livelihoods. Early on she decided to do what she could to narrow the chasm between the haves and the have-nots.

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Martial Lavaud Celestin , First Haiti Prime Minister

The role of Haitian Prime Minister, as that of Haitian President or any other minister of parliament or politician in the country is one laced with controversy and insecurity. There have been 17 prime ministers for the country since the post's inception in 1988, all with an average shelf life of just more than a year. To tell the story well we must start at the beginning, with Haiti's first selected Prime Minister, Martial Lavaud Célestin.

Célestin was born in Ganthier on October 4, 1913. He studied economics and the law at the Paris Faculty of Law and began his profession, as a lawyer at the ripe old age of 23. He would take his considerable learning into the diplomatic field by 1950, when he was given the post of assistant to the Foreign Affairs Department and, six years later, to the Secretary General.

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Jean Marie Cherestal, Haiti Prime Minister

Another on Haiti's list of prime ministers who have resigned their posts, Jean-Marie Chérestal tendered his resignation of the post to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide after growing rumors of his corruption became an unbearable rubicon to his political influence.

Haiti's 10th Prime Minister was appointed on March 2, 2001 and served for just ten months before the controversy became publicly known and his continuance as Prime Minister was moot. News reports of the time hinted at statements of his incompetence, given further weight by the decline of the country's economy during his tenure. Adding more fuel to the fire, accusations were made that Jean Marie Cherestal had lined his own pockets with the nation's money and fiddled while Haiti all but burned in poverty.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe responded to Senate convocation, How did he do?

After 3 convocations not respected by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, it finally took place yesterday, June 4th, 2013. The Prime Minister spent over 11 hours in the Senate answering questions from a number of Senators. He was threatened with a possible interpellation if he did not respond to this convocation.

According to comments from many Senators as well as many responses from social medias and radios so far, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe did not convince them with his responses yesterday. This includes explanations given on the use of 5 billion Gourdes disbursed during the period of emergency last year, projects in various departments, road construction, Airport construction as well as respect for the Haitian Constitution.

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Jacques-Edouard Alexis, a Haitian politician

Jacques-Édouard Alexis is the former Prime Minister of Haiti. He was twice elected the Prime Minister of Haiti, once between 1999 and 2001, and once again from 2006 to 2008. Born in 1947, Jacques-Édouard Alexis completed school in 1966 from Lycée Geffrard and Lycée Toussaint Louverture. He graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1973 from the State University of Haiti.

After completing his degree, Jacques-Édouard Alexis assumed numerous roles in the field of academics. His first well-known job was at the State University of Haiti for a period of 3 years from 1973 to 1976, where he was an Assistant Professor teaching Chemistry. He moved to Canada in 1977, where he gained his Master's Degree in Food Science and Technology from University Laval. During this time, he was also working as a Research and Teaching Assistant. He then returned to the State University of Haiti where he assumed the duties as the Professor for food harvest technology and food technology for the next eight years.

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