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Giovanni Dorelien, New Coordinator of the Primature

The Directorate of Communications, under the direction of the Haiti Primature, announced to the media that Prime Minister-Elect Laurent Lamothe has selected Giovanni Dorélien as Coordinator of the Department of Budgetary Affairs in the Primature. The Communication Directorate spoke about the bureaucratic inconsistencies and non-cooperation that has interfered with addressing the needs of the country, within the Primature, specifically the lack of communication between the Directorates of Administrative and Budgetary Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Communication Directorate reported that with the appointment of Giovanni Dorelien as Coordinator in the Primature, it is imperative that he get all Directorates and Ministries working together to do the hard work necessary to rebuild Haiti's infrastructure, secure private investors, and create new jobs through foreign investment. As part of the announcement, the Communication Directorate listed Dorélien's credentials in government service, as a senior liaison officer for several state agencies, in which he successfully reconciled conflicts between warring factions within department agencies.

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Haiti Has developed a National Security Plan, Will it solve crime?

Accompanied with the Superior Council of the National Police last Tuesday, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe appeared before the Permanent Commission of Justice and Public Security of the Chamber of Deputies to discuss a national security plan for Haiti.

What does that mean?

There have been many of such meetings in the past why people in Haiti continues to be victims of violent crime, including armed robbery, homicide, rape, and kidnapping!

According to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe: "Ensuring security in the country is a priority of the Government". He stated that he had a meeting with the Superior Council of the National Police and they have come to the two following agreements:

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Former Haitian Prime Minister Smarck Michel dies at 75 from brain tumor

We just learned that Former Haitian Prime Minister Smarck Michel passed away. According to the family, he died from a brain tumor at the age of 75. He is leaving his wife of 53 years, Victoire Marie-Rose Sterlin, and daughters Patricia and Marjorie Michel. This information was obtained from Washington post.

Smarck Michel became Prime Minister under Jean-Bertrand Aristide. However, he was dismissed following criticism that the government was unable to lower prices for food and other basic goods.

The Haitian former Prime Minister Smarck Michel was born March 29, 1937, in St. Marc. He completed his college education in New York., then returned to Haiti in the 1950s. Michel served as commerce and industry minister in the first government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He became prime minister of Haiti in 1994, after the restoration of Jean-Bertrand Aristide by the U.S.-led multinational military force. He resigned from his position about one year later.

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Government shake-up in Haiti, Thierry Mayard-Paul out as Interior Ministry

We have just learned that the Haitian Prime minister has made a big change in his cabinet. Laurent Lamothe had announced several changes in his cabinet and one that really caughts my attention is the replacement of person in charge of the interior ministry. Thierry Mayard-Paul has been replaced by former Minister of Social Affairs Ronsard Saint-Cyr.


Do you know this famous Haitian proverb?: "De toro pa rete nan menm savann." The English version is "Two bulls do not stay in the same field"

Isn't Thierry Mayard-Paul a very good friend of President Michel Martelly?

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Beaking News - Laurent Lamorthe Designated New Prime Minister By Martelly

It is official. The persen selectd to replace Dr. garry Conille for the posiion of Prime Minister in Haiti is no other than Mr. Laurent Lamorthe.

Laurent Salvador Lamothehas been the Minister of Foreign Affairs since October 2011.

Laurent Salvador Lamothe was born on August 14, 1972 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He has a Masters degree in business management and has become a successful businessman. Laurent Salvador Lamothe founded Global Voice Group, a telecommunications company with his business partner, Patrice Baker.

Now that h selection is made by President Michel Martelly, the ball is on the court of the Haitian lagislators to confirm Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister.

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Will Prime Minister Garry Conille leave or stay for more abuse

It is now obvious to many people who have been following politic in Haiti to conclude that the conflict has escalated. The original confrontation that existed between Haitian President Michel Martelly and the Senate now involves Prime minister Garry Conille and some are asking whether this will lead to an eventual vacancy in the post of Prime Minister.

The president told the ministers not to comply with the senate investigation while the PM asked them to do so to avoid a political crisis.

Prime Minister Carry Conille who is the person currently in charge of the Haitian Government asked all his ministers to submit their documents and appear before the Senate Commission as requested.

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Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Wants to Combat Smuggling at the Haitian-Dominican Border

Prime Minister (PM) Lamothe is cracking down on illegal contraband smuggled on the Haitian-Dominican border. His primary objective is to replenish the government coffers that have been drained by untaxed goods by-passing inspections.

Laurent Lamothe met with officials of the Economic Forum of Private Sector Affairs at the end of June, to discuss strategies for monitoring the Haitian-Dominican border. Besides the problem of contraband, Lamothe also addressed peripheral issues that obstruct the efficiency and efficacy of government services.

The purpose of gathering together the EFPSA was to join forces and alert the public that smuggling and tax fraud, among other crimes, will not be tolerated and will incur heavy penalties, including jail time, depending on the severity of the crime.

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The two Terms Haitian President Rene Preval

Haitian politics has been shaped by decades of power struggles between people in power, as well as with the country's citizens. Long-time politician René Préval has witnessed and experienced them all.

Before becoming a politician, Préval first became an agronomist, which has something to do with the science and technology of agriculture. After acquiring his studies in Belgium and Italy and living in New York for five years, he went home to Haiti and worked for the National Institute for Mineral Resources and was very active in agricultural activities in Haitian society. Préval then put up his own bakery and remained active political movements and charity, which led him to meet Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the country's first democratic president. In 1991, he served as Haiti's Prime Minister for eight months before going into exile after a military coup.

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Will the next Prime Minister be Dr. Garry Conille?

All the arrows seem to be going in one direction at this time. All the major news medias are confirming that Dr. Garry Conille was the the candidate selected by President Michel Martelly to become the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

Who is Dr. Garry Conille? He is a forty five years old. Dr. Garry Conille is a graduate of College Canado Haitien. He also studied at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the UEH in Haiti and at the University of North Carolina in the United States.

What are his chance to become the next prime Minister of Haiti if in fact Dr. Garry Conille is the choice of President Michel Martelly?

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Wilson Laleau or Daniel Supplice, Who will be Haiti Next Prime Minister ?

Michel Martelli is keeping the population guessing as to his choice for the next Prime Minister. Several names have been incirculation; however only two have been confirmed to be serious candidates. They are Wilson Laleau and Daniel Supplice.

Forget about other names that have appeared on the list of possible candidates for Prime Ministers. It has been common practices in Haiti for some people to include their own names in high government functions that have become vacant just for the publicity and name recognition.

The two candidates rumored to be on the final list of President Michel Martelly are well qualified for the Prime Minister position and also do not carry baggage that would make it hard to get a consensus. Professor Wilson Laleau is the current Vice Rector of Academic Affairs at the Université d'Etat d'Haiti. Sociologist Daniel Supplice is also a well respected educator.

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