Three reported dead trying to escape Prison in Haiti

Were these Haitians inspired by the prison break following the earthquake of last January?


The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that two inmates from Haiti National Penitentiary had a clever idea and wanted to execute it last Sunday. They were trying to escape from the prison roof but instead shot dead.

What kind of planning is that? I guess Haiti National Penitentiary that was damaged by the January earthquake, offered them a golden opportunity to escape prison, and as it was done over nine months ago, many prisoners think this time they could escape as well.

Do they have any idea that the authority would reinforce the prison security? I guess they did not think about that!

Wouldn't you call that poor planning or stupidity?

If I was in jail in Haiti now, I wouldn't try something like this, specially at this time. The Haiti prison inmates were not aware of the new order given to the prison guards in Haiti which is to shot anyone trying to escape prison.

The lesson to this story is: Get all the necessary information before implementing your plan.

It was A.A. Milne who wrote: "Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up".

Any comment?

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Marie Jo says...

Haiti can not follow the same principles that the rich countries are telling him to implement.

According to the international standard, if you are in prison, the authority owes you certain things such as three meals a day, clean this, clean that.

How about those children, the poor people in Haiti streets, and all those suffering that do not have anything.

They did not commit any crime and they are still

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Ti Chapeau says...

I remember during the Duvalier regime, no prisoners would try to escape prison.

I am 61 years old and have live in Haiti during the Duvalier regime.

These criminals would never try something like that then.

I would go to the extent of saying on those days, even if the doors of the Penitencery in Haiti were wide open, the inmates would not escape

They know that if they tried to escape prison during the Duvalier regime, they would also escape life itself.


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Paul D. says...

These guys in Haitian jails should get the electric chair, specially those convicted for kidnapping, child abuse, murder, etc.

The Haitian government does not have resources to feed all these criminals.

they should do something with them so that they can for sure stop from attempting to escape.

Why can't Haiti put capital punishment into law?

If there are more security in Haiti, we will have more investment, more businesses, more job, and consequently a better society.

I can guarantee you if they were dead, they would not try to

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Manno. says...

This is dumb!

I think the prisoners could have done a better job. They could bribe the Haitian authority since most of them are already corrupted.

They would not refuse money to get them out of jail.

Where are the Haitian judges who are willing to sell liberty to whoever can pay for

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