Jean Claude Duvalier long history with Gonaives

As it was the case with Prosper Avril, former president Jean Claude Duvalier was invited to celebrate the 2010th anniversary of our independence in the historic and revolutionary city of Gonaives. In term of revolution, the former Haitian dictator would be the first to tell you based on his experience with this Haitian city. His exile to France was the result of an ongoing protest that originated in Gonaives in 1986, with the assassination of three High School students.


Since his return from exile, it seems that former President Jean Claude Duvalier has taken it upon himself to built bridges between the city of Gonaives and himself. Beside this 2010th anniversary of our independence in which he was invited to participate in, Mr. Duvalier was invited in Gonaives to sponsor a promotion of Jurists at the Faculty of Law of Gonaives which had raised a great outcry. Many people feel at the time it was inappropriate as the former dictator did not have any respect for the law or justice during his reign.

As the 2014 Haitian Carnival is scheduled to be held in Gonaives, I assume that beside President Martelly who will be there, I can also expect presence Jean Claude Duvalier as well.

Eske nou panse ke Jean Claude Duvalier ape travay pou li repare sa ke gouvenman li a te fè lè ke yo te tiye twa etidian yo an 1986? Eske se yon Coinsidans lè ke nou ouè Jean Claude nan yon bann bagay kape passe nan Gonaives?

Eske nou te sonje problem li te jinyin lè ke li te ale nan yon ceremoni Fakilte Lwa Gonaives la tape fè a? Te ginyin yon tole sou sa lefet ke moun yo panse ke yo pate dwe invite li paceke gouvenman li-an pate gin jistis di tou.

Gin yon gro evenman kape vini. Se Kanaval 2014 kape fet nan Gonaives nan de Mwa. Eske nou panse "Ouè Pa Ouè" Jean Claude ap la?

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