Herve Bastien, spokesperson for Noel and cecibon

He is a spokesperson to noel and cecibon. Herve Bastien a Haitian by nationality, born by Haitian parents but later immigrated to the US where he settled in Miami. He is also a radio presenter for a radio show known as Les Bonnes Addresseson Miami's AM1700 Radio Planet 17. He has been able to achieve all these through hard work and many struggles where he has been able to easily make it out of being a great dedicated worker and a focused one at that.


There have been many hustles Herve Bastien has undergone most of which he has been able to go through only through the use of his talent and passion which is to entertain people through the use of his talent. This has taken him to many unimaginable places and heights most of which he is only able to go through only due to his own dedication and interest.

One of the best things about his career so far has been his association and interaction with a couple of great people especially in his radio show. Bastien is able to interact with different kinds of people all of different calibers and as such he is able to easily associate and interact with them and get various offers. He is thus very resource personnel and can be expected to get to great new heights.

There is however very little information on Herve Bastien's biography available in the websites and it would be a great honor if you added anything about him that you may have or know and once it has been authenticated and proven accurate it definitely will be published with the sole intention of preserving the country's heritage and history.

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