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Erick Cadet, radio personality

The peoples' favorite, Erick Cadet passed on. He was a promoter and a radio personality better known as A 2 Z (A to Z). The year 2011 ended with such sadness on Thursday, December 29th with the news of the passing of radio personality Francois Erick Cadet, who was also known in the community as promoter.
He has been struggling with his health and has battled cancer for the past 6 years but finally succumbed to the fatal disease. After the viewing, the re-pass was held at one on the communities well known Randy's Restaurant where a crowd gathered to share stories of this wonderful man. The evening was one full of life because everyone knew somehow their friend was in a better place and would suffer no more.
Although a lot of hearts in the room were heavy for the void that was left by a friend gone too soon; everyone found a way to share their experience of how they knew the late Francois Erick Cadet. He was a humble man, integrated, disciplined, simple, respectful and kind, who had a vision for the show business Haitian. In less than 10 years, through its radio broadcasts on WSRF (1580AM/Planet Radio) and dances he organized, he knew how to mark the Haitian music industry. May his soul rest in peace and he will always remain in the minds of many.

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Valery Numa, Volunteer Ambassador for the Promotion of South of Haiti

Veteran journalist Valery Numa is known for his contributions to Haitian media and his active participation in several philanthropic projects within the country. Born on 1974 in Camp-Perrin, a Sud department of Haiti in the town Les Cayes, Numa had a growing passion for journalism and acquired his degree in Social Communication from the State University of Haiti. He has then worked for several radio stations and newspapers such as Radio Canada, France's L'Humanité, and Reporters Without Borders, and owns his own production company called Index Production.

Valery Numa has also directed and released two films entitled "La Presse face his destiny" and "Mission". The film "Mission" won an award in 2006 during the 2nd International Film Festival Haitien Montreal. Outside journalism, Valery is an active representative of humanitarian NGO's PSI-Haiti and Vocation Group that campaign for blood donations and assist poverty-stricken Haitians. He was recently involved in a tragic car accident in late 2011 but was able to recover from his injuries shortly after.

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Radio Vision 2000, Marie Lucie Bonhomme, Valery Numa, Daly Valet

The Port-au-Prince broadcast radio station, Radio Vision 2000, is undergoing a significant change with the departure of one iconic host and the return of another. After over a decade as an anchorman for the radio station, Valéry Numa has decided to leave his home on the 99.3 FM frequency and take up residence on his own 88.9 station, FM Platinum.

Among his other endeavors are the newsman's hotel, Kickback, and other business holdings in the South Haiti locale, Camp Perrin, from where his radio station will be broadcast. The goal is for FM Platinum to reach 18 southern towns by way of relay through other radio programs, a 'first' as announced by Valery. His last broadcast on the program he is known for, 'Guest of the Day', will be broadcast on Friday, September 2nd, after which the prodigal journalist, Marie-Lucie Bonhomme will return to host the popular show.

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Radio Signal FM and Mario Viau

After the earthquake struck on January 12, 2010 the country's telecommunications infrastructure, including television, phones and the radio all suffered severely. The frightened populace, left stranded from news across Haiti by the destruction the disaster wrought on technology, were given hope as one radio station, miraculously, relatively unscathed, stood to tell the tale.

Port-au-Prince's Signal FM started off its twentieth year as the only radio station still able to broadcast. Not only was the infrastructure intact, but the 50 person staff, all but three of whom were on-site, had been unhurt, and suddenly theirs was the only means of communication for people across Haiti and the concerned around the world.

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Ranmase Saturday ritual on Haiti Radio Caraibes

In Port-au-Prince in Haiti every Saturday, on the radio version of CNN's Crossfire, critics, politicians, wanting to be kingmakers, all arrive for a chance to spar verbal swords, accuse and debate on the future of Haiti.
Political Firefight

They are all ready to have the opponents shredded in the war to shape opinion of the public. There is no stop clock, no audience in the studio, no applause meter. The only thing to hear is the amplified sound of voices in Creole accent that emanate all through the city.

This political firefight is tuned into by all listeners from Haiti, Paris, Montreal and Miami. This is all happening in a nation where there has been a repression of free speech right from historical times.

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Radio Metropole Website Informs Readers on Food Shortage Problem

Radio Metropole, a radio station operating out of Port-au-Prince, broadcasts in French. With a large listening audience, it runs regular news briefs and information geared to its listenership. Launched in 1970, it became the first Haitian station to switch to FM, produce stereo broadcasts, and introduce the CD format.

Radio Metropole has an online news website, delivering coverage on politics, the economy, sports, and culture. It also broadcasts feature programs, such as "Metropolis" and "Investir" with hosts Nancy Roc and Kesner Pharel.

Recent updates include news stories about government of Haiti's declared state of emergency continuing after Hurricane Sandy blasted the island; lowering of rice prices; and launch of green energy programs. The feature story, a research study, forecasts another food shortage looming on Haiti's horizon. The approaching famine will arrive on the heels of food shortages in the countrysides of North, West, and Grand'Anse Departments, occurring after Sandy.

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Ed Lozama, the New director of Communication for Michel Martelly

The "Haitian Joudalist" Just learned that Ed Lozama, the host of Ed Loz Live radio show in Miami just got a Job with the Michel Martelly campaign. Ed Lozama has just been hired by Sweet Mickey to become his new Communication Director. Effective immediately, Ed Lozama is on a Leave of Absence from his popular morning show to assume this new position in the Michel Martelly campaign.

"He, Bagay Yo comance bon Nan Min Ed"

" Who knows, If Martelly is elected, Ed will probably get the position of Communication Director for five years."

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DJ Suspended for comments linking HIV Aids to Haitian women

The Haitian Joudalist just learned that the DJ in New York who made the comment on the air linking HIV Aids to Haitian women has been suspended indefinitely. This is directly from CNN

This is a sign when we unite, great things can happen. The Haitian community in New York has been outraged and protesting since a DJ from HOT 97 radio made a comment which said: "The reason I am HIV Negative is because I don't mess with Haitian Women".

According to HOT 97 Management: "The Haitian community is an important part of our listenership whom we respect and value. The suspension is an indication of the importance we place on delivering a product that respects our Haitian audience. It's a very regrettable and unfortunate circumstance for all involved and particularly because we know this is not the nature of this young man who has been an advocate of the Haitian community and a big part of our fund-raising efforts for Haiti."

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A radio Host said: "I am HIV Negative because I don't mess with Haitian Women"

This is the latest insult on the Haitian community. A Radio host in New York city said on the air that: "The reason I am HIV Negative is because I don't mess with Haitian Women". The DJ who made the joke is Luis Diaz, a controversial radio host at radio station HOT 97 in Manhattan.

Many leaders in the Haitian community gathered outside of the studio of radio station HOT 97 to protest the comment made by Radio host Luis Diaz, with his personality name: DJ Cipha.

Later, the DJ apologized for his comments; however the leaders of the Haitian community in New York refused to accept his apology and demanded that he be removed from the radio station, according to

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