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Raul Castro, Cuba will never abandon the Haitian people

Raul Castro, Cuba's current president, gave a speech on TV New Years' Day, also the 55th anniversary of Cuba's successful revolution. He declared Cuba would always remain committed to Haiti and its sovereignty from foreign rule. He referred to Haiti's establishment as a republic on January 4, 1804, and the beneficial effect it had on the Caribbean region, noting many Cubans are of Haitian descent.

Castro's speech drew a rousing response from the audience, who viewed his remarks as a veiled warning to the Dominican Republic (DR) Cuba sees the DR's High Court ruling of the disenfranchisement of Haitian descendents of illegal aliens living in the DR a threat to Haiti's stability.

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Raul Castro:"Cuba will not abandon Haiti"

There is a proverb that states: You know your true friends in time of need". If this statement is to hold in the case of Haiti, so far, we can mention two very good friends: Venezuela as Cuba. These two leaders have come out publicly to support the Haitian people when we need them the most.

Warning from Nicolas Maduro: "Whoever messes with Haiti messes with Venezuela". This is the strongest possible way to come out in favor of the cause of the Haitian people. For that, the Haitian people will for ever remember Nicolas Maduro.

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Obama Historic handshake with Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela Funeral

A gesture that has been making quite a story on the net. President Barack Obama is seeing shaking the hand of Raul Castro during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

So what is the big deal with this handshake? Was this a pre-planned encounter

Mwin pa konnin pou rou, min mwin konnin ke pa ginyin anpil "akcidan nan politik. Si nou kwè ke sa te yon coinsidans, se zafè pa-ou. Mon Chè sa te fè pati de plan-an tande. Obama tap cherche okasyo sa

Eske tap gin yon pi bel opotinite pou Prezidan Obama pou li tava piblikman montre le mond ke li vle travay avek Raul Castro?

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Haitan President Michel Martelly conducting first official visit to Cuba

It seems to me this was long anticipated. considering Cuba's contribution to the fight on Cholera in Haiti. Michel Martelly and his team finally decided to pay a visit to the neighboring country of Cuba. This clearly shows a different policy from that of Rene Preval. It appears to me that Rene Preval had a closer relation with Fidel and Raul Castro of Cuba that our current president Michel Martelly.

Why would Martelly take on a different politic Vis a vis of Cuba?

Anyway, this first official visit to Cuba will allow Martelly to get acquainted with the regime. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Martelly and Castro.

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