Attempted kidnapping of Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre, Rector of UNDH

Bishop Pierre-André Pierre is lucky to be a free man today. On Saturday, March 14, 2015 a kidnapping attempt on him went unsuccessful as the Haitian Police managed to free him. He is the current Rector of Université Notre-Dame d'Haiti.


Bishop Pierre-André Pierre was born in 1952 in Arcahaie. He was appointed Chaplain of His Holiness by Pope John Paul II in 2004 and in February 6, 2009, Bishop Pierre-André PIERRE was elected "Recteur of Notre Dame University of Haiti (UNDH) by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Haiti.


Yo manke Kidnape Monseigneur Pierre- Andre Pierre , Rector nan UNDH

Bishop Pierre- André Pierre se gin chans jodi a. Nan samdi, 14 mas , 2015 te gin yon tantativ kidnapin sou li, min Lapolis ayisyen libere li

Bishop Pierre-André Pierre se Rector aktyèl la nan Université Notre-Dame d' Ayiti.

Li te fèt nan 1952 nan Arcahaie . Li te nonmen Omonye pa Pap Jan Pòl II nan 2004. 6 fevriye 2009, Bishop Pierre- André PIERRE te eli " Recteur nan Notre Dame University of Ayiti ( UNDH) pa konferans Katolik evèk an Ayiti.

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Subject: Attempted kidnapping of Monseigneur Pierre-Andre Pierre, Rector of UNDH edit

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