Sister Dona found innocent after spending 42 months in prison

This is a lesson of dedication and commitment. After spending 42 months in prison for something she did not do, Sister Dona is once again free. Dieudonne Pierre Bélizaire, better known as Sister Dona who founded the orphanage Sister Redeemer of Nazareth, was cleared from charges of kidnapping, child trafficking and criminal conspiracy in a criminal court in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and released immediately. As a reminder, Sister Dona was arrested and put in prison in June 2012 for the disappearance of child Raphaël Chenet. The father of the child accused sister Dona of selling his child. Sister Dona has consistently claimed her innocence.


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According to report, Djimmy Mémé had confessed to the crime, admitting that no one in the orphanage was involved, but still, he was let go.

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Haitian Kreyol:

Sè Dona jwenn inosan apre 42 mwa nan prizon

Sa a se yon leson nan devouman ak angajman. Apre 42 mwa nan prizon pou yon bagay li pa t 'fè, Sè Dona yon lòt fwa ankò lib. Dieudonne Pierre Belizaire, yo
konnen tankou Sè Dona ki te fonde òfelina Sè Redanmtè, moun Nazarèt, yo retire chaj kidnape, trafik timoun ak konplo kriminèl nan yon tribinal kriminèl nan Pòtoprens, Ayiti. Yo te lage li imedyatman. Kòm yon rapèl, Sè Dona te arete, plis mete nan prizon nan mwa jen 2012 pou disparisyon yon pitit ki rele Raphaël Chenet. Papa timoun nan te akize sè Dona nan vann pitit li. Sè Dona te toujou reklame inosan li.

Dapre rapò, Djimmy Mémé te konfese krim nan, admèt ke pa gen moun nan òfelina a ki te enplike, men yo te kite li ale.

Kisa ou panse?

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Shime Leroy says...

lyo noune qui on sister haiti pas mechant ni yo pas gain amour de largent a verite men si li prend temps li aptoujour priompher men cicatrice ca pas jamais soti nan coeur sister ca noune haiti longtemps pas men gen can cou noune cou nien

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