Rene Preval- A Leader Who Got a Lot of Support from the Poor

Rene Preval served for two terms as the president of Haiti in the period 1996 to 2001 and another one from 1006 to 2011. He is remembered for having helped the Haitians to remove President Jean Claude from power. He was by then the leader for the movement which helped in overthrowing Jean Claude. This helped him to get recognition allover Haiti in 1970s.


He is one of the leaders who rose into power with a lot of support from the poor people. He got a lot of support from Haitians due to his leadership role in the LESPWA party. Rene Preval studied in Belgium and graduated with a degree in Agronomy. He is one of the officials of Bertrand Aristide before he was overthrown in 1991. He replaced Aristide after he was overthrown in 1991. He was earlier the Prime Minister of Haiti under Aristide for sometime before the coup of 1991.

In his first term of ruling, his government was faced with a lot of disagreements among the deputies which made him to declare the end of the parliament. This led him to rule Haiti by a decree. In the second term he was campaigning under the party of LESPWA which means "Hope" in Creole. This party earned him a lot of fame for having many supporters who had been members of other political parties in Haiti. It therefore came to be a coalition party.

Majority of the people elected in the 2006 general elections came from his party including the senators. He was cool at the second term of office and agreed to let the ousted Jean Bertrand to return back to Haiti on a condition that no violent groups could be tolerated that had pledged his allegiance.

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