Repons Peyizan, in General Assembly to elect new national coordination

Repons Peyizan (RP), a citizens' progressive political-policy group, is preparing for legislative and local elections to happen sometime in 2013. They have appointed new members of the National Coordination (NC) and Executive Committees (EC). NC Coordinator, Fednel Monchery, retained his office, while Henry Èliahou Patrick and Philippe Pierre Giordany won Deputy Coordinator and Executive Secretary positions. EC elected a new Secretary, Francis Thézé and new members Robenson Bléhus, Wilson Bernier, Mirlène Duval, and Nativita Désinor.


EC Secretary Thézé acknowledged EC would be at the Permanent Electoral Council headquarters and local precincts to monitor the ballot-counting to ensure free, fair, and transparent results. RP has ten incumbent senators vying for re-election at the national level.

RP has also been busy choosing candidates to represent RP at the Department level. They hope to run no less than ten. This means ten hopefuls for each sub-division as well. So far, according to Director of International Relations, Jean Hervé Charles, they have chosen five senatorial candidates, and hope to run ten candidates in every Department and sub-division throughout the country.

RP anticipates elections will be held this year. But it is uncertain: GOH has been stalling elections for over 18 months, because they have not established a Permanent Electoral Council (PEC) yet. The Temporary Electoral Council (TEC) is waiting until GOH settles the matter of their PEC incumbent remaining on the PEC instead of the opposition's replacement choice. This stonewalling effort is what is holding up elections.

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