Electoral Council President Josue Pierre-Louis Accused of Rape

Josue Pierre-Louis, President of the Electoral Council is being accused of rape and assault of Danielle Bernadin, a government secretary and graduate of State University of Haiti aged 27 years, at Port-au-Prince in Haiti. She works at the Ministry of the Interior at a position Josue Pierre-Louis had arranged.


Reason for Assault and Rape
He made a demand to see her phone that may have had sensitive information of the government or his nude pictures. Danielle Bernadin did not get anyone's help at Pierre's home that night. No one came to help her, even after screaming for help or security. She walked out with shoes and clothes in her arms and then a man riding a motorcycle took her home.

Josue Pierre Louis has been Minister of Justice and Presidential Advisor to Michel Martelly, President. Josue is now the Permanent Electoral Council's President.

With the court of prosecutions, complaint has been filed. However on this high ranking administration official, charges have yet not been placed. On 29th November 2012, a declaration was passed against him. On Radio Kiskeya, there was a press conference on Josue Pierre Louis, CEP President.

Representation by Lawyer Reynold Georeges
The very same lawyer, Reynold Georeges, who had represented Jean Claude Duvalier, former President and also represented Olivier and Sophia Martelly from embezzlement chargers, has been obtained by Josue Pierre Louis.

As declared by Georges, the actions of the secretary were passionate and those of the woman one engaged in espionage. Pierre Louis has made a claim that the complaint was filed since she was accessing classified or personal information on him.

Condemnation of the Violent Act
The violent act has been condemned by the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights and has stated it is a crime to have someone imprisoned, beaten and then raped, whether the two were in a relationship or not.

A report has also been delivered by the Solidarity for Haitian Women Organization. It states that the question in the case is not whether the two had had an earlier sexual relationship.

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