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Robert Malval, Prime Minister of Haiti

The role of Prime Minister in Haiti is not an easy one to fill; just ask anyone on the list, including Yvon Neptune and Former Haitian Prime Minister Robert Malval, though one was forced out of office while the other chose to leave.

Born in Port-au-Prince on the 11th of July, 1943, Malval was 50 years old and had accomplished a sound career outside of politics before his nomination by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1993.

After studying internationally, in the United States at the University of Miami where he earned a political science degree, and in Paris where he undertook graduate studies in International Affairs, Robert Malval seemingly lost interest in politics and took to working for his step-father, who was proprietor of a printing house. He later quit to pursue his own publishing and printing company, and carried on to be a successful businessman before turning his sights back to the world he'd studied to be a part of, politics.

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Role of Prime Minister of Haiti and List

The Haitian Prime Minister heads the country's government and shares executive powers with the head of state. The holder of the Prime Minister post is appointed by the incumbent president and gets approval from the National assembly.

The Prime Minister has the responsibility of law enforcement vested upon him and works alongside the president to ensure national defense.

Previous Haitian Prime Ministers:

February 9, 1988 - June 20, 1988 - Martial Célestin

June 20, 1988 - February 13, 1991 - Post abolished

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