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Duvalier Government Art Forgery Le Proces des Timbres: L'Affaire Audubon

An unfamiliar aspect of Baby Doc's corrupt rule has received little attention until now. Haitian watercolorist, Jean-Jacques Audubon, bird-life interpreter, became victim to a forgery when fraudulent postage stamps were circulated world-wide as his watercolors. A Haitian attorney and avid stamp collector, with a practiced eye, made the discovery. He notified Duvalier he doubted the stamps were Audubon's original watercolors.

Duvalier reluctantly held an open-court proceeding, and an expert witness gave testimony the stamps were the work of art forgers. Members of Duvalier's government pleaded guilty, convicted and incarcerated. Stamp collectors felt justice was done, and observers said the legal proceedings were an example of a fearless justice system.

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Banking Fraud In Haiti By Gerard Dumont

An important case of a fraud in banking has taken place in Haiti. One of the biggest issues in Haiti is that for whatever crimes are committed, the concerned people are not held accountable. The same mistakes are being made over and over again.

Gerard Dumont Vanishes With Millions Of Dollars

The Allied Irish Banks were defrauded of $750 million by a trader based in Baltimore. There was also a particular Gerard Dumont who was the owner of a Mini Bank in Haiti. The bank was called Bureau de Change Gerard Dumont. In the late eighties, it closed down suddenly.

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New York Attorney General on Haitian immigration consultants

Those immigration consultants who have been trying to take advantage of Haitians by claiming to help Haitians apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), are under the radar of The New York Attorney General's Office. The New York Attorney General's office says it's keeping a close watch on rogue Haitian immigration consultants who claim to be helping Haitians apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which would allow them to work legally for at least 18 months.

New York Attorney Alphonso David says his team in the civil rights bureau has now subpoenaed records from at least six immigration consultants with Haitian customers. There are no charges filed yet on these Haitian immigration consultants, but he says these consultants are taking too much money for services they're not qualified to provide, and cheating Haitians out of the chance to become legal. New York Attorney General's office says one woman told them she had paid several thousand dollars to a company that promised to help but couldn't deliver. More than one in 10 TPS applications are rejected by the government simply because the forms weren't filled out correctly.

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