Inauguration of the School S & H in village Ekam, Caracol

President of the Republic Michel Martelly visited the Ekam village in Caracol for the inauguration of the S & H School in the village. Along with him for the event was the Minister of National Education and Vocational Training Vanneur Pierre.


The school was built by the efforts of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Foundation SAE-A. The 200 students at the school are children of the employees at the Caracol Industrial Park plants. The park, which opened in October 2012, was seen by some as a boon to the village as it is hoped to provide 65,000 jobs in coming years. The park came under criticism though after the first year of operations only saw 1,388 jobs, and some of them were not filled by Haitians.

Showing their support for the new development of the school, the ceremony's attendees included Tom Adams, the USAID Special Coordinator, Pamela White, U.S. Ambassador in Haiti, Woong-Ki Kim, SAE-A president, Inter-American Development Bank representatives and Sae Chul Oh, representative from KOICA.

Still, this positive development cannot mask that many people were severely put out by the building of the park, and the number who have gained employment in the plants there so far is nowhere near where it ought to be. Of the farmers dislocated to make space for the park, many have still not been compensated with other plots upon which to make their living. The loss has not only affected these farmers, who cannot grow their crops, but has also contributed to the shortage in the local markets.

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Subject: Inauguration of the School S & H in village Ekam, Caracol edit

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