Vandalism against lycée Daniel Fignolé in Port-au-Prince

Phrases like, 'Education is the answer' and 'The children are the future' apparently mean little to the group or groups of people committing acts of vandalism against some of the nation's schools. Last year's instance took place on October 28, when tear gas bombs were flung at students in the midst of classes at the lycées Philippe Guerrier and Baptiste Dudy Boukman. Almost exactly three months later, another attack has taken place.


The school vandalized this time is Port-au-Prince's lycée Daniel Fignolé, the weapon of choice, feces. Students and staff at the school are understandably strongly upset. The students have been described as traumatized by the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP). The ministry condemned the act, calling it odious and stating that it shows the degradation of morality and social values.

Amidst the mud-slinging, the current negotiations between the Government Commission and teachers' unions regarding the fixing of the basic monthly salary of teachers at 50,000 gourdes was mentioned. While there is no word that the two issues are related, the MENFP has urged that students remain unmoved by those who would mount protest projects that don't favor the plight of teachers. They ask that students be guided back into the discipline of learning and preparation for their future.

Josué Mérilien, the general coordinator of the National Union of Haitian Normaliens (UNNOH) is eager to point out that they have not asked for a raise, but the fixing of the basic salary. The group has also mobilized for the 29th and 30th of January to demonstrate at the École Normale Supérieure and the Ministry of Education.

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