Minister Vanneur Pierre to Reevaluate Public School System in Haiti

The "lycées" are the state funded schools in Haiti. It was once the pride of every Haitian family who could send children to educate in these public schools. Vanneur Pierre, the Haitian Minister of National Education and Vocational Training has expressed his view and few corrective measures to bring back the glorious era that these "lycées" have left behind more than thirty years ago.


The minister after a series of joint revaluation survey with the directors of the schools has identified some of the main evils affecting proper functioning of these schools. He has said, the directors of the schools mostly lack good leadership and management quality as demanded. High absenteeism among the teachers is almost ignored. There is no good representative model school in the country anymore that we can be proud with. A management to be effective must place accountability along with responsibility. From now on, the directors and officials of the "public educational institutions of renewal" will further remain accountable to the Ministry of Education.

The Minister also reminded the importance of education in our lives. Education is the backbone of any society which wants to move towards development and modernity. The directors and the teachers should understand the importance of the role they play in a society. They should never neglect the important task of building a nation.

To make the education system in "lycées" effective, he has advocated three measures: (a) Correct assessment and proper management of funds in these schools; (b) The success rates for official exams should be correctly revalued ; (c) The physical space available within these schools should be properly utilized.

The minister has announced that shortage of teaching personnel will be filled up by 240 graduating students from the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS).

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